Distinguished Service to the Association for Asian Studies Award

2024 Honorees

During his career as a faculty member at the University of Michigan, L.A. Peter Gosling (1927-2023) also served on the AAS Southeast Asia Committee (chair 1968) and Southeast Asia Regional Council (chair 1973-75), Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Development Committee (chair 1978-80), and Board of Directors (1972-75), and as AAS Secretary-Treasurer (1963-66, 1973-74, 1978-79, 1985-94). More recently, Pete and his wife, Linda Lim, established the Gosling-Lim Postdoctoral Fellowship in Southeast Asian Studies. It is with gratitude for his many years of dedication to and support of the AAS that we present Pete Gosling with the Award for Distinguished Service to the Association for Asian Studies.

In spring 1996, under the guidance of its founding editor, Lucien Ellington, AAS published the inaugural volume of the teaching journal, Education About Asia. In the twenty-eight years since, Lucien’s clear vision and wide-ranging knowledge of the educational landscape have ensured that Education About Asia remains a renowned and well-respected journal in the field of teaching about Asia. During his tenure, Lucien edited close to 2,000 feature articles, lesson plans, interviews, classroom resources, and book and film reviews. It is with deepest appreciation for his decades-long service to AAS and tireless dedication to (in his own words) “enhancing student understanding of Asia and building bridges between colleges, universities, and schools,” that we present Lucien Ellington with the Award for Distinguished Service to the Association for Asian Studies.

Previous Honorees

2023: Jason Finkelman, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Bill Tsutsui, Ottawa University

2021: Anna Leon Shulman and Frank Joseph Shulman, Bibliography of Asian Studies

2020: Thomas G. Rawski, University of Pittsburgh