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Overseen by the AAS Editorial Board, AAS books advance important original research on Asia, bring leading scholarship on Asia to audiences beyond the academy, and support teaching and learning in Asian studies.

AAS books are distributed worldwide by Columbia University Press and sold by Ingram Publisher Services.

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E-Books: All Asia Shorts and a selected number of Key Issues in Asian Studies volumes are available in e-book format. Books available in e-book format will show the e-book option on the Columbia University Press website.

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Asia Shorts

Asia Shorts offers concise, engagingly-written titles written by highly-qualified authors on topics of significance in Asian Studies. Topics are intended to be substantive, generate discussion and debate within the field, and attract interest beyond it.

Key Issues in Asian Studies

The Key Issues in Asian Studies book series is designed for use in undergraduate humanities and social science courses, as well as by advanced high-school students and teachers, and will appeal to anyone with an interest in Asia.

Asia Past & Present

Asia Past & Present is the AAS scholarly monograph series, featuring books from all disciplines and areas.

For Booksellers

AAS books are distributed worldwide by Columbia University Press, via Ingram Publisher Services (IPS) in North America, South America, and Asia. All orders for retail accounts should be placed directly with IPS. For customer service in the United States, please contact Ingram Publisher Services, Jackson, TN by phone: (800) 343-4499; fax: (800) 351-5073; or e-mail. For service in the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and South Africa, phone: (0)1243 843-291; or fax: (0)1243 843-296 or e-mail.

Bookstores or retail establishments interested in selling AAS titles and in need of a complete discount schedule (including return policies) or with special sales inquiries should contact the sales department at Columbia University Press at (212) 459-0600, ext. 7129. For further information, visit https://cup.columbia.edu/for-booksellers.

For Reviewers/Media

We are happy to provide review copies of our publications to media representatives. When requesting a review copy, please include the name of the media outlet, the book title and author, and the name and street address to which the book should be sent. For further information, please visit https://cup.columbia.edu/for-reviewers

For Instructors: Exam and Desk Copies

Ingram Academic Services processes all desk and exam copy requests for instructors in the United States and Canada. To request a desk or exam copy, visit http://www.ingramacademic.com. Find the title you’d like to request, searching by ISBN, title, or author, and select “Request Desk Copy” or “Request Exam Copy,” as appropriate. For further information and for requests for exam and desk copies for instructors in the U.K. and Europe, please visit https://cup.columbia.edu/for-instructors.


Journal of Asian Studies

The Journal of Asian Studies

Published four times a year

Published for the AAS by Duke University Press, the Journal of Asian Studies has long been recognized as the most authoritative and prestigious publication in the field of Asian Studies.

Education About Asia

Published three times a year

A unique and innovative journal—a practical teaching resource for secondary school, college, and university instructors, as well as an invaluable source of information for students, scholars, libraries, and anyone with an interest in Asia.


Bibliography of Asian Studies

The Bibliography of Asian Studies is the single most important record of research and scholarly literature on East, Southeast, and South Asia written in Western languages.