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AAS Publication Support Grants will support publication endeavors of contingent faculty, unemployed scholars, independent scholars, and junior tenure-track faculty. The Publication Support Grants cover author-born expenses in the publication of a full-length book based on their research in the humanities. Awardees can use the grant for direct expenses including proofreading, copy editing, development editing, image permissions, or photography, among other expenses. Applicants will be required to have a manuscript in progress and a letter of interest from a publisher. Awards will range from $3,000 to $15,000.

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How to Apply

Please note: you may only submit one application to the AAS Publication Support Grant. Multiple applications will not be accepted. 

What you will need to prepare in order to apply:

  • Author CV
  • Summary of the Manuscript
  • A full table of contents
  • One chapter of the book with citations
  • Letter of interest from a press


  • If you have a press representative, you are encouraged, but not required, to enter their name and email on your application so they can recieve a link to a form to fill out the following fields:
    • Expected list price
    • Sales: number of copies and net sales amount
    • Additional grants
    • Direct expenses (indexing, copyediting, proofreading, design, composition, typesetting, number of color and black and white images, image permission fees, and printing)
    • Is the book viable for POD, and will there be eBook formats?
    • Marketing, distribution, and miscellaneous direct cots
    • Amount of grant funds requested
  • This field is not required, but authors whose press representatives have this information available are welcome to submit this information


The application period will close on Friday, January 14, 2022 at 5:00 pm ET.


  • Per NEH guidelines, applicants must possess U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status or have lived in the United States for a period of three years or more.
    • Foreign nationals who take up permanent residence outside of the United States any time between the application deadline and the end of their period of performance will forfeit their eligibility to receive an award. (Leaving the U.S. on a temporary basis is permitted.)
  • Applicants should be Asian Studies specialists with a recent PhD (within 7 years of conferral) in the humanities or humanistic social sciences OR be a contingent faculty member, unemployed scholar, or an independent scholar to be considered for a publication support grant.


Can the press apply on behalf of me, the author?

No, the author must be the applicant for the Publication Support Grant. The author may add a press representative who can fill out a form with more details regarding the manuscript, but they cannot fill out an application on an author’s behalf.

Funding Restrictions

Please note that if you are awarded a support grant from this program, funds may not be used for:

  • research by students enrolled in a degree program, including research for doctoral dissertations or theses
  • educational impact, language impact, or technical impact assessments
  • the writing of guidebooks, how-to books, and self-help books
  • promotion of a particular political, religious, or ideological point of view
  • advocacy of a particular program of social or political action
  • support of specific public policies or legislation
  • lobbying
  • projects that fall outside of the humanities and the humanistic social sciences (including the creation or performance of art; creative writing, autobiographies, memoirs, and creative nonfiction; and quantitative social science research or policy studies)

All individuals awarded funding will need to adhere to the cost principles outlined in CFR 200 Subpart E – Cost Principles

Please note if you are awarded grant funds from another NEH supported program, you will be ineligible for this award since NEH does not allow for overlapping funding.