Kahin Prize

George McT. Kahin Prize

The George McT. Kahin Prize of the Association for Asian Studies is given biennially to an outstanding scholar of Southeast Asian studies from any discipline or country specialization to recognize distinguished scholarly work on Southeast Asia beyond the author’s first book.

The award was initiated in 2007 at the behest of the Cornell University Center for Southeast Asian Studies, friends and students of George Kahin, and the Southeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies to honor the contributions of George McT. Kahin to the field of Southeast Asian Studies.


$1,000 to the author.

Guidelines for Submission

  • There are no citizenship or residence requirements for nominees.
  • Authors need not be AAS Members.
  • Any original, scholarly nonfiction works with a copyright date of 2018 or 2019 are eligible for the 2021 Kahin Prize competition.
  • Reference works, exhibition catalogues, translations, textbooks, collections of previously published essays, poetry, fiction, travel books, memoirs, or autobiographies are not eligible.
  • Publishers must complete the book nomination form. Each press may nominate a maximum of six books for the Kahin Prize
  • Only publishers may nominate books.
  • Upon receipt of a completed nomination form, publishers will be provided with addresses for prize committee members. A copy of each entry, clearly labeled “Kahin Prize,” must be sent to each member of the committee.


Nominations must be received by June 30, 2020 to be eligible for the 2021 awards.

Kahin Prize Committee

Andrew McWilliam (Chair)
Western Sydney University

Chris Baker

Anne Hansen
University of Wisconsin-Madison

2019 Awards


Lisandro Claudio, Liberalism and the Postcolony: Thinking the State in 20th Century PhilippinesNational University of Singapore Press
Honorable Mention

James RushHamka’s Great Story: A Master Writer’s Vision of Islam for Modern Indonesia, University of Wisconsin Press