Northeast Asia Council Korean Studies Grant Awardees

The Northeast Asia Council (NEAC) is pleased to announce the recipients of its Korean Studies Grants. The NEAC Korean Studies grant programs are made possible by the generous support of the Korea Foundation.

Spring 2021 Awards

Workshops and Conferences
Jaewook Lee, Northern Arizona University, “Exploring History and Identities: Contemporary Media Art from Korea”

Short-term Research Travel Outside North America
Diana Kim, Georgetown University, “The Ones Who Disappeared”
Jeongsu Shin, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, “Worldly Ecologies: Landscape, History, and Environmental Politics on Jeju Island”
Jihyun Shin, University of British Columbia, “Money, Masculinity, and Media: Rationalizing the Pursuit of Money-Making in South Korea, 1961-1979”
Fan Zhang, Tulane University, “Silverware Across the Sea: Artistic Exchange and Maritime Network Between the Korea Peninsula and the Eurasian Continent During the Three-Kingdom Period”

Fall 2020 Awards

Research Travel Within North America
Jeeye Song, University of Florida, “Treaty-Making and Colonization in Korea and Vietnam”

Short-term Research Travel Outside North America
Agnes Jordan, Indiana University, “Encounters in the Jeju Village: Houses, Landscapes, and Transformation on Jeju Island”
Hyeok Hweon Kang, Johns Hopkins University, “Crystallizing Salt from the Earth: Translation and Vernacular Science in the Making of Korean Saltpeter, 1635–1882”
Stephanie Kim, Georgetown University, “Building a Korean Student Pipeline between Berkeley and Seoul”
Ungsan Kim, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, “The Cinema of Alliance: Crisis, Backwardness, and the Emergence of New Queer Korean Cinema”
Peter Moody, Columbia University, “North Korea’s Music Diplomacy in Northeast Asia”

Spring 2020 Awards

Short-term Research Travel Outside North America
Yuri Doolan, Brandeis University, “The First Amerasians: Mixed Race Koreans from Camptowns to America”
Jaeyoung Ha, University of California, San Diego, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Rehabilitating ‘Mountain Dwellers’ and the Making of ‘Self-Helping’ South Korean Miners, 1968-1979”
Hajin Jun, University of Washington, “Protestantism, Ritual Change, and the Politics of Everyday Life in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945”
Yu-Ri Kim, Vanderbilt University, “New Economies of Intimacy in an Aging World: Partner Dance Businesses for Older Adults in South Korea”
Mi-Ryong Shim, University of Georgia, “Asian Imaginaries: Regionalism in Mid-Twentieth Century Korean Literature and Culture”
Irhe Sohn, Smith College, “The Promise of Failure: Dreams of Cinema in Colonial Korea”

Workshops and Conferences
Jinsoo An, University of California, Berkeley, “Authoritarian Modalities and Film Censorship: South Korean Cinema in the 1970s” Workshop
Donald Baker, University of British Columbia, “Workshop for Vol. 3 (Chosŏn) of a proposed Cambridge History of Korea”
Namhee Lee, University of California, Los Angeles, “The Cambridge History of Korea Workshop”
June Hee Kwon, California State University, Sacramento, “Peace Economy, Peace Politics: Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and North Korea” Conference

Fall 2019 Awards

Research Travel Within North America
Douglas Gabriel, Korea Institute, Harvard University, “Over the Mountain: Realism Towards Reunification in Cold War Korea”
Jeongmin Kim, University of Manitoba, “The Birth of Global Money: MPC Black Market and the Sexual Economy of War and Base in Post-WWII World”
Ellin Rafael Perez, University of Chicago, “The Half-Life of Sovereignty: North Korea and Solidarity Movements of the Decolonizing World, 1956-1979”
Dong Jo Shin, The College of Saint Rose, “2019-20 Stanford East Asia Library Trip”

Short-term Research Travel Outside North America
Jae Won Chung, Rutgers University–New Brunswick, “The Everyday Across Media: Liberation, War, and Reconstruction in South Korea, 1948-1960”
Jeehey Kim, University of Arizona, “Archives and Resources on Korean Photography”
Eunsil Oh, University of Wisconsin–Madison, “Daughters of the Han River: Educational Expansion, Women, and Status in Transforming South Korea”
Hyun Hee Park, Wesleyan University, “The Politics of Enlightenment and Affect in Mid-Century Korean Cinema”
Yosung Song, Moravian College, “Understanding and supporting the education and social integration of students with North Korean heritage in South Korea”

Workshops and Conferences
Jung Joon Lee, Rhode Island School of Design, “Queer/Feminist/Praxis: Intersections of Performance, Film, and Photography in Korea and the Korean Diaspora”

Spring 2019 Awards

Short-term Research Travel outside North America
Angie Heo, University of Chicago, “Gendered Islamophobia: Feminism, Radical Feminism and Anti-Feminism in South Korea”
Joowon Park, Skidmore College, “Belonging in a House Divided”
Ka-eul Yoo, University of California-Santa Cruz, “Deformed Ambassadors: the ‘Red’ Threat and Hypervisible U.S. Disease-Controlling Policies in Cold War Korea”

Workshops and Conferences
Clara Han, Johns Hopkins University, “Kinship, Gender and the State in the Shadow of War: The Korean War in Comparative Perspective”

Fall 2018 Awards

Research Travel within North America
Nan Kim, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “The American Friends Service Committee and Non-Governmental Engagement with North Korea, 1980-1998”
Young Sun Park, Yale University, “Rescue and Regulation: A History of Undesirable Children of Korea”
Nianshen Song, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, “The West Pagoda: History of a Korean-Chinese Neighborhood”

Short-term Research Travel outside North America
Jinsoo An, University of California-Berkeley, “Filmmaking under Authoritarian Rule: Film Censorship and Kim Kiyoung’s Films of the 1970s”
Sohl Lee, Stony Brook University, “A Triangulation of Libreville, Pyongyang, and Seoul: Thinking Public Monuments of the Global Cold War”
Jing Liu, Syracuse University, “Maritime Interactions, Border Controls, and Regional Powers between China and Korea, 1500-1637”
Minyoung Moon, Independent Scholar, “Sexual Harassment Lawsuits in South Korea and the Role of the Women’s Movement”

Workshops and Conferences
Kyung Moon Hwang, University of Southern California, “Commemorations of the Centennial: Memorializing the Korean Independence Movement and the Digitization of Korean National Association Archives”
Sinwoo Lee, California State University-Chico, “Seoul Under Construction: Politics, Memory and Urbanism in Korea”

Spring 2018 Awards

Short-term Research Travel outside North America
Russell Burge, Stanford University, “Civilian Battleground: Developmental Society and the Making of Modern Seoul, 1961-1979”
Jonathan Glade, Michigan State University, “Across the Ocean: Establishing Literary Connections between Koreans in Japan and the Korean Peninsula, 1945-1948”
Elli Kim, Los Angeles City College, “North Korean State, People, and Intellectuals in the Age of Neoliberalism: The Growth of North Korean Civilian Economy”
Joseph Andrew Seeley, Stanford University, “Liquid Geography: The Boundaries of Empire at the Yalu River, 1894-1945”

Workshops and Conferences
Eugene Y. Park, University of Pennsylvania, “Contributor Workshop for The Cambridge History of Korea, Volume 3, The Chosŏn Dynasty, 1392-1910”

Fall 2017 Awards

Research Travel within North America
Hajin Jun, Stanford University, “Protestantism and the Politics of Ritual Change in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945”
Hanmee Na Kim, Wheaton College, “ The Construction of “America” in Korea, 1882-1945”

Short-term Research Travel outside North America
Youjeong Oh, The University of Texas at Austin, “Evicted by Park, Sold by Lee: Accumulation by Dispossession in Jungmun Tourism Complex”
Seo Young Park, Scripps College, “Urban Fear and New Building Syndrome in South Korea”

Workshops and Conferences
David Fedman, University of California-Irvine, “Korea at Nature’s Edge: Environment and Society in the Korean Peninsula”
Samuel Perry, Brown University, “Queer Korea: Health, Gender and Cultural Representation”

Spring 2017 Awards

Research Travel within North America
Sheila Miyoshi Jager, Oberlin College, “The Other Great Game: The Opening of Korea and the Birth of Modern East Asia, 1876-1905”

Short-term Research Travel Outside North America
Larry L. Burmeister, Ohio University, “Californication of the Korean Rice Market?”
Heekyoung Cho, University of Washington, “Gutter and Interval: Seriality in Graphic Narrative”
Christopher P. Hanscom, University of California-Los Angeles, “After the Fact: Literature, Politics and Scientific Thinking in Modern Korea”
Jina Eleanor Kim, Dickinson College, “Voices in a Box: Sonic Imagination of Korean Literature and Radio from the 1980s”
Nan Kim, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “Temporalities of Resilient Dissent: Political Imagination and Social Practice of Long-Term Protest in Contemporary South Korea”
Rachel Lee, University of Washington, “Book Research for the Second Edition of The Archaeology of Korea”
Nianshen Song, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, “Transforming Frontier in East Asia: the Tumen River Demarcations 1880 to 1919″
Hwa Yeong Wang, Binghamton University, “Confucianism and Rituals for Women in Chosŏn Korea: A Philosophical Interpretation of Confucian Rites”
Myungji Yang, University of Hawaii-Manoa, “Politics of Fear: Social Foundations of the Conservative Right Wing in South Korea, 1945-2016”

Workshops and Conferences
Catherine Ishida and Lynn Parisi, Program for Teaching East Asia, University of Colorado-Boulder, “Teaching Korea in the Globalizing World”
Kyung Hyun Kim, University of California-Irvine, “The Ends of Adoption: Histories, Politics and Kinship”

Fall 2016 Awards

Short-term Research Travel outside North America
David Fedman, University of California-Irvine, “The Saw and the Seed: Forestry and the Politics of Conservation in Colonial Korea”
Sang Woo Kang, Providence College, “Reshaping Korea: Korean Women Composers, the Anxiety of Influence and National Identity in Post-World War II Piano Music”
Timothy C. Lim, California State University-Los Angeles, “The Policy and Politics of Ethnic “Return” Migration: A Comparative Examination of South Korea’s Diaspora Engagement Policy”
Kyunghee Pyun, State University of New York, Fashion Institute of Technology, “Hybrid Dandyism: European Woolen Fabric in East Asia”

Research Travel within North America
Han Sang Kim, Rice University, “Cinematic Experience of the Homeland in 1940s Korean America”
Ja Won Lee, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Visualizing the Past: Collecting and Representing Chinese Antiques in Korean Paintings”

Workshops and Conferences
Mary Alice Haddad, Wesleyan University, “Catalyst Workshop on Policymaking in East Asia”
Maya Stiller, Harvard University, “Receptions, Transformations and Innovations: Transcultural Discourses in Korean Art”

Spring 2016 Awards

Short-term Research Travel outside North America
Sue-Je Lee Gage, Ithaca College, “Elderly Korean Women of the Camptowns in South Korea”
Hieyoon Kim, UCLA, “Ephemeral Archives: Cinema and Postcolonial Nation in Cold War Korea”
June Hee Kwon, New York University, “Ethnic Crop: Rice Farming and Koreaness in Yanbian China”
Yumi Moon, Stanford University, “A Social History of the 38th Parallel: Northerners in Postwar South Korea, 1945-1950”
Gowoon Noh, California State University at Sacramento, “Political Ecology of “Invasive” Animal Species in Contemporary South Korea”
Moira Saltzman, University of Michigan, “Jejueo Talking Dictionary”

Workshops and Conferences
Catherine Ishida and Lynn Parisi, Program for Teaching East Asia, University of Colorado-Boulder, “Korea’s Journey into the 21st Century: Historical Contexts, Contemporary Issues”

Fall 2015 Awards

Short-term Research Travel outside North America
Nam Lee, Chapman University, “The Night Before the Strike (1990) and the 1980s Minjung Cinema Movement”

Research Travel within North America
Hwisang Cho, Xavier University, “The Power of the Brush: Epistolary Revolution in Early Modern Korea”
I Jonathan Kief, Columbia University, “Only Fish Live at the Fabricated Border of Peace: Humanism and the Third Way Imagination in Wartime South Korea”

Workshops and Conferences
Sixiang Wang and Eugene Park, University of Pennsylvania, “Korea with Empire: Resisting, Contesting and Appropriating Transnational Universals”

Spring 2015 Awards

Short-term Research Travel outside North America
Han Sang Kim, University of California-San Diego, “A Transnational Prehistory of the National: The South Korean Auto Industry and Its Culture, 1955-1975”
Seung Joon Paik, George Washington University, “Territorial Changes and Civilian Victimization in the Korean War”

Workshops and Conferences
Sunyoung Park, University of Southern California, “Beyond the Nation: A New Cultural History of 1980s Korea”

Projects that Enhance Korean Studies Teaching
Alyssa Martin, Troy University-Montgomery, “Korean Language & Educational Materials”

Fall 2014 Awards

Research Travel within North America
Charles Kim, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “For a Bright Tomorrow: Culture and Protest in Cold War South Korea”
Stella Y. Xu, Roanoke College, “From a Marxist Universal History to an Ultra-Nationalist Approach—Studies on Ancient History in North Korea (1950s-2010)”

Short-term Research Travel outside North America
Sookja Cho, Arizona State University, “The Role of Space and Place in Late Koryŏ and Early Chosŏn Literature”
Junghee Lee, Portland State University, “From Kingship to Devotion: the Art of Late Paekche Kingdom”

Workshops and Conferences
Michelle Cho, McGill University, International Workshop: “Porting Media: Asia”