Northeast Asia Council Japan Studies Grant Awardees

The Northeast Asia Council (NEAC) is pleased to announce the recipients of its Japan Studies Grants. The NEAC Japan Studies grant programs are made possible by the generous support of the Japan-United States Friendship Commission.

Spring 2021 Grant Awards

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Michael Cronin, College of William & Mary, “Kobe, 1995: Narratives of Rupture”
Bryna Goodman, University of Oregon, “Expansive Exchanges: Japanese Share Trading Institutions in Republican China”
Noriko Matsumoto, University of Vermont, “Contemporary Immigrant Integration in Metropolitan Tokyo”
Kristin Roebuck, Cornell University, “Japan Reborn: Race, Nation, and Foreign Relations after World War II”
Kumiko Saito, Clemson University, “Creative Science: Sexology and Science Fiction in Meiji Japan”
Julia Sapin, Western Washington University, “Kimono and ‘Kimono’: Japanese Silk Merchants and the Democratization of Fashion and Society in Europe and the United States during the Early Twentieth Century”
Tomoyuki Sasaki, College of William & Mary, “The Renegade: One Soldier’s Antiwar Movement in 1970s Japan
Alicia Volk, University of Maryland, “Japanese Sculpture in the Public Sphere: From Iconoclasm and Idealism to Memory and Monumentality”

Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Meghen Jones, Alfred University, “Path of the Tea Bowl”
Akiko Walley, University of Oregon, “2021 Pre-modern Japanese Religion Workshop (Part III): The Prince Shōtoku Cult and Precept Revival Movement in Glocal Contexts”

Fall 2020 Grant Awards

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Julie Nelson Davis
, University of Pennsylvania, “The Ghost in the Brush: Imitation, Homage, and Fabrication in Ukiyo-e Painting”
Gereon Kopf, Luther College, “Temple AI – Updating the Turing Test”
Wendy Leutert, Indiana University, “Reimagining the Economy Through Japan-China Exchanges (1970s-1990s)”
Andrea Mendoza, University of California-San Diego, “Transpacific Nonencounters”
Vince Okada, Hawaii Pacific University, “The Voices of Social Workers and the Need for Social Work Education Reform in Japan”
Taku Suzuki, Denison University, “Liminal Legality and Survival Tactics among Asylum Seekers in Japan”
Akiko Yoshida, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, “Catching Their Drift: Exploring Causes of Unintended Singlehood in the Next Generation of Women in Japan”

Seminars on Teaching About Japan
Fumie Kato, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, “Virtual Seminar: Japanese for Professions”

Spring 2020 Grant Awards

Research Travel Within the U.S.A.
Jessica LeGare, Princeton University, “Taking Liberties: Productive Proscriptions and Occlusive Occupations in the Postwar Pacific”

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Celeste Arrington, George Washington University, “Litigants, Lawyers, and Legalism: Changing Governance in South Korea and Japan”
Rosemary Candelario, Texas Woman’s University, “Dancing Ecology: Butoh, Nature, History”
Annika Culver, Florida State University, “Democratizing Luxury: Name Brands, Advertising, and Consumption in Modern Japan”
Ryan Glasnovich, Brandeis University, “Spreading Foreign Tales in Late Tokugawa Japan: The Hollow-Boat Maiden of 1803”
Yukiko Koga, Hunter College-CUNY, “Restless Reconciliation: Reckoning with Japanese Imperial Violence”
Sean McPherson, Bridgewater State University, “Hybrid Nativism and Regional Internationalism: The Architecture of Japanese-American Buddhist Temples”
Matthew Mewhinney, Florida State University, “Reading The Tale of Genji in the Poetry of Ema Saikō”
Connor Mills, Princeton University, “The Once and Future Occupation: Japanese Base Towns After the Korean War”
Richard Reitan, Franklin & Marshall College, “Holistic Ecologies”
Kenneth Ruoff, Portland State University, “National Heritage Tourism of the Far Right: A Topography”
Marvin Sterling, Indiana University, “Afro-Japanese and the Future of Japan: Staging Racial and Ethnic Belonging at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics”

Seminars on Teaching about Japan
Jolyon Thomas, University of Pennsylvania, “Creating New Materials for Teaching about Japanese Religions” Workshop

Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Anne Allison, Duke University, Conference on “New Life From the Ruins of Japanese Death Rites”
Miya Mizuta Lippit, University of Southern California, “Encountering Alice in Japan” Conference

Fall 2019 Grant Awards

Research Travel Within the U.S.A.
Michelle Damian, Monmouth College, “Medieval Marketplaces: Recreating Maritime Shipping Processes in the Seto Inland Sea Region”
Brian Hurley, Syracuse University, “Reading the Aesthetics of Cold War Neoliberalism: Japanese Literature and Free Market Economics in Transpacific Dialogue”

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
E. Taylor Atkins, Northern Illinois University, “Poaching Players: Imperial Japan, Colonial Korea, and Football Nationalism, 1935-36”
Fareed Ben-Youssef, Texas Tech University, “‘She Only Filmed the Beautiful Parts!:’ Kawase Naomi’s ‘An’ and When Unwanted Beauty Reigns Over the Forgotten”
Michael Bourdaghs, University of Chicago, “Teresa Teng and the Peanuts: Japanese Popular Music as Cold War Culture”
Jack Davey, George Washington University, “Redrawing Ritual Horizons in Late Yayoi Southwestern Japan”
Michaela Kelly, Lafayette College, “Patriotic Pedagogy: The Pedagogical Function of Poetry Game Cards for Young Children during the Pacific War”
Hiroshi Kitamura,  College of William & Mary, “‘Evangelist of Cinema’: Yodogawa Nagaharu and the Politics of Cultural Consumption in Modern Japan”
Patrick Noonan, Northwestern University, “Recessionary Cinema in Post-Bubble Japan”
David Novak, University of California Santa Barbara, “Trans-Asian Music Scenes, Japanese Cultural Policy, and the Asian Meeting Festival”
Yoshiko Okuyama, University of Hawaii at Hilo, “Tōjisha Manga: Autobiographical Comics on Mental Illness and Other Culturally Stigmatized Conditions in Japan”
Melek Ortabasi, Simon Fraser University/World Literature Program, “Western Children’s Classics Travel East”
Joshua Schlachet, University of Arizona, “‘A White-Crested Wave of Wasted Rice’: Famine Prevention and the Logistics of Altruism in Edo Japan”
Lianying Shan, Gustavus Adolphus College, “Postwar Japanese Narratives about Manchuria—the Journey of Repatriates through Memory”
Anne Sokolsky, Ohio Wesleyan University, “Shigemitsu Mamoru and The Tokyo Trial in Literature, Film, and Personal Letters”
Dustin Wright, California State University, Monterey Bay, “Protest Nation: Anti-Military Base Struggle and the People’s Fight for Peace in Modern Japan”
Daqing Yang, George Washington University, “From Enemies to Experts: Japanese in Postwar Chinese Reconstruction, 1945-1955”
Yanfei Yin, Dickinson College, “From Sesshū to Kōrin: Artistic Exchange between Japan and China in the late 1950s”

Seminars on Teaching about Japan
Yuki Johnson, Johns Hopkins University, “The Seventh Workshop: Grammar for Educators of Japanese VI – Formal Nouns・ Conditionals”
Tara McGowan, North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC),  “Next Generation Librarian Workshop: Preparing for the Future of Japanese Studies”
Nishi Hironori, University of Memphis, on behalf of the Southeastern Association of Teachers of Japanese (SEATJ), “The 2020 Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association of Teachers of Japanese”
Fabio Rambelli, University of California Santa Barbara, Workshops on Gagaku”

Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Nathan Shockey, Bard College, “Writers and Fighters: Criticism and Intellectual Debates in Japan, 1868-2019”
Benjamin Uchiyama, University of Southern California, “Japan in the Long 1940s: A New History”
Haruko Wakabayashi, Rutgers University, “Rutgers Meets Japan: Foreign Teachers, Missionaries, and Overseas Students in the Early Meiji Era (A Workshop in Celebration of 150 Years of Friendship Between Rutgers and Fukui)”

Spring 2019 Grant Awards

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Gerald Figal, Vanderbilt University, “Concrete Culture: The Secret Life of Tetrapods in Okinawa/Japan”
Sarah Frederick, Boston University, “Natsume Sōseki Arrives in Kyoto: A Digital Map and Translation”
Nicole L. Freiner, Bryant University, “Local Responses to the Revision of the Seed Law: The Seed Registration System, GMOs and Rice”
Kendall Heitzman, University of Iowa, “Japanese Writers in Iowa, 1957 to 1982”
Ikumi Kaminishi, Tufts University, “Politics of Picture Scrolls as Buddhist Skillful Means”
Vivian Li, Worcester Art Museum, “Four Generations of Nishimura: Kimono Making and Modern Japan”
Thomas Looser, New York University, “Private Futures”
Wendy Matsumura, University of California-San Diego, “Gendered Transformation of Okayama’s Farm Households During the 1930s and Korean Agricultural Workers”
Takashi Nishiyama, State University of New York at Brockport, “Suicide and Technology for War”
Lee K. Pennington, United States Naval Academy, “Scar Wars: Japanese Disabled Veterans, Adversity Narratives, and the Shōkeikan”
Seiji Shirane, City College of New York, “Colonial Taiwan and Japan’s Wartime Occupation of South China and Southeast Asia”
Jessica Starling, Lewis & Clark College, “Hansen’s Disease, Social Work and Ethical Praxis in Contemporary Japanese Buddhism”

Seminars on Teaching about Japan
Satoko Suzuki, Macalester College, 28th Conference of the Central Association of Teachers of Japanese (CATJ),“Japanese Language Education in Diversifying Communities”

Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Junliang Huang, California State University-Northridge, “Inaugural Workshop of Gender and Criticism: Japan in the Trans-Pacific”

Fall 2018 Grant Awards

Research Travel within the USA
Hina Hirayama, Independent Scholar, “Edward Sylvester Morse (1838-1925), His Life and Times”

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Hideko Abe, Colby College, “Japanese Transgender and Their Linguistic Practices”
Catherine Ryu, Michigan State University, “Zainichiness” and Cultural Translation: A Multisensory Approach to Chong Ch’u-wŏl’s Verse “Ningo”
Michael A. Schneider, Knox College, “Internationalism in Everyday Life: Japanese Cultural Internationalism, 1920-1960”
Kai Xie, Kenyon College, “When It Blows Dew”: An Introduction and Translation of a Wakan Renku Sequence”
Timothy Yang, University of Georgia, “Drugs and the Business of Empire in Modern Japan”

Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Nicholas Lambrecht, University of Chicago, “Counter-Readings: Modern Asian Literary Histories”
Michele M. Mason, University of Maryland-College Park, “Workshop: Nuclear Futures in the Post-Fukushima Age”

Spring 2018 Grant Awards

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Elise M. Edwards, Butler University, “Nadeshiko Japan’s Pioneers: Reflecting on Soccer, Identity and Life Course”
James D. Homsey, Independent Scholar, “Warriors and Workers: Reservist Army Reform Officers as the Architects of Populist Nationalist Workers’ Organizations in Interwar Japan”
Jacques E.C. Hymans, University of Southern California, “The Political Economy of Geothermal Energy in Japan”
Micheal Jin, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Voices of the Unredressed: Japanese American Atomic Bomb Survivors in the Cold War Pacific”
Yuki Miyamoto, DePaul University, “Otherwise Than This World: Environmental Ethics form Minamata after Fukushima”
Kari Shepherdson-Scott, Macalester College, “ A Model of Militarism: (Re)Constructing Battle in Japanese Wartime Expositions, 1931-1945”
Cindi Textor, University of Utah, “Anatomies of Incoherence: “Zainichi” Writers and the Burden to Represent”
Sahoko Sato Timpone, Florida State University, “Research on Songs of Japonisme-Early Twentieth Century Art Songs Inspired by Japan”
Yasuko Tsuchikane, The Cooper Union, “Dōmoto Inshō and the “Sacred Art World”: the Making of Modern Temple Art in the Twentieth Century”
Miya Qiong Xie, Dartmouth College, “The Literary Territorialization of Manchuria: Frontier Literature and Modern Identities in East Asia”

Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Andrew Edmund Goble, University of Oregon, “Building Ōsaka: Urban and Social Dynamics across Fifteen Centuries”
Daniel M. Smith, Harvard University, “Harvard Conference on Japanese Politics”

Fall 2017 Grant Awards

Research Travel within the USA
Kirsten Ziomek, Adelphi University, “Condoned Savagery: The Untold Stories of the First Unit of the Taiwanese Aborigine Volunteer Army in the Philippines, 1942”

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Noriko Horiguchi, University of Tennessee, “The Devouring Empire: Food Narratives and Memories in Modern Japan”
James Orr, Bucknell University, “Chofu Little League and Japan Youth Baseball from Late 1960s to the 1980s”

Seminars on Teaching about Japan
Naomi Geyer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “The 27th Annual Conference of the Central Association of Teachers of Japanese”
Setsuko Noguchi, Princeton University, “Japanese Rare Book Workshop on Edo Hanpon”
Nako Nozu, University of South Florida, “2018 Southeastern Association of Teachers of Japanese (SEATJ) Conference”
Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Ann Sherif, Oberlin College, “27th Conference of the Association for Japanese Literary Studies (AJLS) at Oberlin College”
Robert Tierney, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, “Exploring Waka Culture Across Genres, Media, and Periods”
Hitomi Tonomura, University of Michigan, “The University of Michigan Medieval Komonjo Workshop”

Spring 2017 Grant Awards

Research Travel within the USA
Tomomi Yamaguchi, Montana State University, “The “History Wars” and the Japanese Right-wing in the U.S.: The Controversy over the “Comfort Woman” Statue in Glendale, CA”

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Andrea Gevurtz Arai, University of Washington, “U-Turn, I-Turn: Creating Alternative Livelihoods and Communities in Japan”
Shawn Bender, Dickinson College, “Iterating Welfare Robotics: Paro, HAL, and the Packaging of Care in Japan”
Kristina Buhrman, Florida State University, “The Transmission of Waves: The Circulation of Local Disaster Information in the Heian Period”
Sabine Fruhstuck, University of California-Santa Barbara, “Gender and Sexuality in Modern Japan”
Hansun Hsiung, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, “Reflections on the Revolution in Franch [sic]: Marxism, Modernization, and the Meiji Restoration as Global Intellectual History”
Dong Hoon Kim, University of Oregon, “From the Imperial Metropole to the Colonial Countryside: Kamishibai in Colonial Korea”
Robin M. LeBlanc, Washington and Lee University, “The Beautifully Poor Public: A Book Project”
Tamaki Maeda, Independent Scholar, “Japan’s Visual Dialogue with China, 1895-1930s (book project)”
Satoko Shimazaki, University of Southern California, “Woodblock Printing and the Construction of the Actor’s Voice”

Seminars on Teaching About Japan
Fay Beauchamp, Japan Studies Association, “Okinawa Workshop: Identity, History and Culture”

Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Elizabeth D. Lublin, Wayne State University, “Midwest Japan Seminar”
Fabio Rambelli, University of California-Santa Barbara, “Repositioning Shugendō: New Research Directions on Japanese Mountain Religion”

Fall 2016 Grant Awards

Research Travel within the USA
Sherry Fowler, University of Kansas, “Icon, Identity, and Collection: Japanese Buddhist Printed Images”
Elizabeth Dorn Lublin, Wayne State University, “A Foreigner Among Japan’s Cigarette Kingpins: Edward James Parrish and the Role of American Tobacco in the Development of the Meiji Tobacco Industry”

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Alexander R. Bay, Chapman University, “Nation from the Bottom Up: Environmental Hygiene and Disease Prevention in Modern Japan”
Kelly Anne Hammond, University of Arkansas, “China’s Muslims and Japan’s Empire”
Brian Hurley, Syracuse University, “Reading the Aesthetics of Thought: Literature and Ideas in Japan’s Long 1930s”
Justin Jesty, University of Washington, “Hospitality as Vernacular Performance in Contemporary Japanese Art”
Sho Konishi, University of Oxford, “The Play of Virtues: A Transnational Intellectual History of Revolutionary Losers”
Namiko Kunimoto, Ohio State University, “The Art of Conversion in Japanese Postwar Photography”
Trent Maxey, Amherst College, “The Spatial History of Automobility in Hachioji, Japan”
Noriko T. Reider, Miami University, “Yamauba Versus Oni-Women: Devouring and Helping Yamauba are Two Sides of One Coin”
Erik Ropers, Towson University, “Visualizing and Remembering the Hanaoka Massacre in Print”

Seminars on Teaching about Japan
Victoria Lyon Bestor, NCC, “Doing Digital Scholarship in Japanese Studies, A Workshop for Librarians”

Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Kate McDonald, University of California-Santa Barbara; David R. Ambaras, North Carolina State University; Leo Ching, Duke University; Maren Ehlers, University of North Carolina-Charlotte; Simon Partner, Duke University, “Bodies and Structures: Deep-Mapping the Spaces of Modern Japanese History”
Lori Meeks, University of Southern California, “Buddhist Statecraft in East Asia: A Conference of Storytellers”
Todd Munson, Randolph-Macon College, “Conference on Japanese Mathematics of the Tokugawa Period “
Nobuko Yamasaki, Lehigh University, “Inaugural Workshop on Zainichi Literary Studies”

Spring 2016 Grant Awards

Research Travel within the USA
Serena Yang, University of California-Davis, “‘John Cage Shock’ and its Aftermath in Japan”

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Yoko Sakuma Crume, Independent Researcher, “Japanese Development and Utilization of Cutting-edge Assistive Technology: Implications to Rapidly Aging World”
Kathryn E. Goldfarb, University of Colorado-Boulder, “Relational Futures: Material Ties in Japanese State Care”
Kota Inoue, Washington State University, “Local History of Fukushima Daiichi Siting”
Meghan Jones, Alfred University, “Tomimoto Kenkichi and Contemporary Japanese Ceramics”
Maki Kaneko, University of Kansas, “‘Vernacular’ Avant-Gardist: Munakata Shikō in the Cold-War Geopolitics”
Robin Kietlinski, LaGuardia Community College (City University of New York), “‘Connecting to Tomorrow’: Nationalism and Collective Memory of the Tokyo Olympics”
Diane Wei Lewis, Washington University in St. Louis, “‘Crystal Palace on the Sumida River’: Nikkatsu Mukōjima’s Glass Studio”
Bridget Love, University of Oklahoma, “Sustainability in Japan’s Endangered Regions”
Yoko Nishimura, University of Pennsylvania, “Excavation Projects at Two Jōmon Sites and Data Collection”
Chari Pradel, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, “The Illustrated Legend of Hasedera: Religious and Political Agendas”
Michael Raine, Western University, “No Interpreter, Full Volume: The Benshi Strike and the Transition to Recorded Sound in Japanese Cinemas”
Stephanie Su, Bard Graduate Center: Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture, “Entangled Modernities: China, Classicism and the Origin of Japanese Art”
J. Keith Vincent, Boston University, “A Haiku Friendship: Shiki and Soseki”

Seminars on Teaching about Japan
Yurika Kurakata, University of Washington, “What You Need to Know about Japan Since 1945, A Seminar on Teaching about Japan”

Fall 2015 Grant Awards

Research Travel Within the USA
Robert Hegwood, University of Pennsylvania, “The Social Foundations for Growth: Nikkei Brokers and Japan in the Global Imaginary, 1930-65”
Lianying Shan, Gustavus Adolphus College, “The Repatriate and its Other: Postwar Japanese Literature on Manchuria”

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Kuniko Ashizawa, American University, “Japan’s Engagement in Central Asia: Regionalization and the Role of External Actors”
Kjell Ericson, Yale University, “Cultivating Pearl Economies: Japanese Imperial Coastlines and the Legal Limits of Nature, 1880-1970”
Nathan Hopson, Nagoya University, “People and Nations are Built on Food”
Laura Lee, Florida State University, “Manga Without the Media Mix: Cultures of Portability and Transportability Before Television”
Youngmi Lim, Lehman College and New York City College of Technology-City University of New York, “Becoming Japanese: Contested Meanings of Race and Nationality at the Crossroads of Backlash Politics in Contemporary Japan”
Kerry Smith, Brown University, “Saving Tokyo from Itself”
Natsuko Tsujimura, Indiana University, “Language and Identity-Building in Japanese Recipes”

Seminars on Teaching about Japan
Tokiko Y. Bazzell, University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, “Seminars and a Lecture on Early Japanese Prints by Dr. Takahiro Sasaki of Keio University”
Yoko Kano, UNC-Wilmington, “The 30th Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association of Teachers of Japanese (SEATJ)”

Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Philip C. Brown, The Ohio State University, “Water and Human Survival in Historical Perspective: Japan”
Kevin Carr, University of Michigan, “Reassessing kodai: An Interdisciplinary Workshop on Approaches to the Cultural History of Early Japan and Its Historiography”
Reiko Tachibana, Pennsylvania State University, “Association of Japanese Literary Studies (AJLS) Conference on Word/Image/Japan”
Jolyon Thomas, University of Pennsylvania, “What Isn’t Shinto? Understanding Shinto through Its Others”

Spring 2015 Grant Awards

Research Travel within the USA
Walter E. Grunden, Bowling Green State University, “Physicists and Fellow Travelers: Willoughby’s Anti-Communist Crusade against Scientists in Occupied Japan”
Mire Koikari, University of Hawaii, “Gender, Militarism, and Nationalism in Post-3.11 Disaster Japan”

Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Seth Jacobowitz, Yale University, “Brazil in the Japanese Imperial Imagination: Immigrant Literature and Global Modernity, 1908-1941”
Miriam Kingsberg, University of Colorado-Boulder, “Japan’s Transwar Generation: Human Scientists and the Twentieth-Century Nation”
Ann-Elise Lewallen, University of California-Santa Barbara, “Nuclear Exposed”: Global Civil Society and Embodied Solidarity in Japan and Beyond”
Mamiko Suzuki, University of Utah, “Gendered Power in Meiji Women’s Education (1890-1911)”
John D. Swain, University of California-Irvine, “21st Century Feminist, Playwright Nagai Ai”
Merry I. White, Boston University, “Technology, Technique and Culture in Japanese Food Work”
Noell Wilson, University of Mississippi, “Japanese Port of Call: Yokohama’s Support of American Whalers in the North Pacific, 1856-1871”

Seminars on Teaching about Japan
Victoria Lyon Bestor, North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources, “Doing Digital Scholarship in Japanese Studies”

Instructional Materials
Kyoko Masuda, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Development of Japanese Extensive Reading Courses and Film Studies at Gatech”

Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Michael Emmerich, University of California-Los Angeles, “Wahon Literacy Workshop”
Katherine Saltzman-Li, University of California-Santa Barbara, “War and Remembrance: Cultural Imprints of Japan’s Samurai”

Fall 2014 Grant Awards

Research Travel within the USA
Rika Saito, Western Michigan University, “Searching for Rare Documentation on Feminist Critic Waka Yamada in Pacific Coast Archives”
Blair Williams, University of Minnesota, “Recovery Through Sport: The Role of Baseball in Renewing Occupied Japan”
Short-term Research Travel to Japan
Jessamyn R. Abel, Pennsylvania State University, “Bullet Train to a New City”
Jonathan E. Abel, Pennsylvania State University, “The New Real: Media, Marketing, and Mimesis Made in Japan”
Michael P. Cronin, College of William and Mary, “Treasonous City: Osaka in the Transwar Japanese Imaginary”
Matthew R. Dubroff, Hampden-Sydney College, “Noh Change in Time”
Faye Yuan Kleeman, University of Colorado-Boulder, “Desire, Pleasure and the “Popular”: Genre Fiction in Transnational Context”
Margherita Long, University of California-Riverside, “On Being Worthy of the Event: Iwakami Yasumi and the Stoics of Fukushima Prefecture”
Jonathan M. Reynolds, Barnard College/Columbia University, “On the Margins of Modernism: The Architecture of Shirai Seiichi”
Jeremy Robinson, Grand Valley State University, “The Aesthetics of Humor in Heian Poetry”

Seminars on Teaching about Japan
Hiroaki Kawamura, (OATJ), University of Findlay, “Connection: ACTFL 5C and Beyond”

Instructional Materials
Meghen Jones and Eva Sclippa, Alfred University, “Instructional Materials for Courses related to the Arts of Japan at Alfred University-Spring 2015”
Ann Pelelo, Clarke University, “Scholars (Honors) Seminar 2” materials

Small Scholarly Conferences on Japanese Studies
Stephen Covell, Western Michigan University, “Against Insularity: Moving Beyond ‘Japanese Religions'”
Raechel Dumas, University of Colorado-Boulder, “Transnationalism and its Discontents: Exploring Critical Approaches to Border-space”
Robert Hellyer, Wake Forest University, “The Civil Wars of Japan’s Meiji Restoration & National Reconciliation: Global Historical Perspectives”
Shota Ogawa, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Environmentalism, Network Society, and Independent Cinema in Japan”
Etsuyo Yuasa, Namiko Kunimoto, Mineharu Nakayama, Kerim Yasar, The Ohio State University, Manga Symposia, “Manga at a Crossroads”