First Book Subvention Program

The AAS administers a program for AAS-member authors who require subventions to ensure publication of their first books.

A total of $15,000 in subventions will be awarded each year, with individual awards ranging from $1,000 up to a maximum of $3,000.

Funded through the AAS Development Fund, AAS First Book Subventions will be awarded on a competitive basis to AAS-member first-time book authors who have already secured provisional contracts from established academic presses.

Subventions will be paid directly to the press.

There are two annual deadlines, April 1 and October 1.

Applications will be reviewed by the AAS Editorial Board after each semi-annual deadline. Decisions typically take 1–2 months and will be final. PLEASE NOTE: The AAS Editorial Board is unable to consider previously unsuccessful applications in subsequent rounds.

Eligibility Criteria

1. The author applicant must be a current AAS member at the time of application.

2. The book in question must be the applicant’s first individually-authored book (an applicant who was the editor of a previously published edited volume is eligible to apply).

3. The applicant must have a completed manuscript with a provisional contract from an established academic press stipulating the need for an outside subvention in order to ensure publication.

4. The manuscript must be in English, must make a substantial contribution to the field of Asian Studies, and must be based on primary research in the appropriate languages.

5. The applicant must have sought subventions from alternative sources.

6. The press must agree to acknowledge an AAS subvention in the front matter of the published book.

7. The press must agree to provide a written report within two months of publication of the book. This report should contain a narrative account of what was accomplished with the subvention funds along with a line-by-line financial report. This report should be sent by e-mail to AAS Publications Manager, Jon Wilson, or by regular mail to Jon Wilson, Publications Manager, Association for Asian Studies, 825 Victors Way, Suite 310, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 USA.

Books published by the Association for Asian Studies, Inc. are ineligible for consideration for first book subventions administered by the Association for Asian Studies. Employees of the Association are excluded from consideration for AAS book prizes, subventions, and grants. Publishers should check with authors to certify that they are not employed by the Association for Asian Studies, Inc. 

Application Process

NOTE: For ease of review, please submit all six parts of the application as ONE SINGLE PDF file to AAS Publications Manager, Jon Wilson,

1. A completed AAS First Book Subvention application form. This application form must be completed by the Press/Publisher representative, NOT the Author.

2. The applicant’s Curriculum Vitae.

3. A summary of the manuscript along with its contribution to the field (up to 1,000 words).

4. A full Table of Contents.

5. The Introduction or first chapter, complete with citations if applicable.

6. Highlights from/abridged versions of two reader reports (up to 300 words each).