AAS Strategic Plan, 2022-2026

The Association for Asian Studies is pleased to share the AAS Strategic Plan, 2022-2026. This document is the result of an 18-month-long process that has involved contributions from dozens of AAS community members.

Under the leadership of 2021-2022 AAS President Hy Luong, the AAS Board of Directors (BOD) established a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) to develop a five-year strategic plan for years 2022 to 2026. The strategic planning process began in Spring 2021 and carried through to the March 2022 BOD meeting in Honolulu, where the Board voted to approve the AAS Strategic Plan, 2022-2026.

The approved document developed by the Strategic Planning Committee in partnership with the AAS Board of Directors represents the first major strategic planning effort that the Association has undertaken since 2008. The SPC’s work included a self-study report in May 2021; interviews with 16 focus groups comprising Asianists of diverse backgrounds and locations; and surveys of members, lapsed members, and non-members. Careful analyses of interview and survey data, a “self-audit” of all the aspects of AAS as an organization, and a subsequent series of planning meetings resulted in the final version.

The AAS Secretariat thanks the Strategic Planning Committee, AAS Board of Directors, and all of the Asianists who shared time, thoughts, and suggestions to create this Strategic Plan for our next five years.

To read the AAS Strategic Plan, 2022-2026, please click on the image below.

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