Call for Submissions: “Teaching About Asia in a Time of Pandemic”

The Asia Shorts book series, published by the Association for Asian Studies and distributed worldwide by Columbia University Press, offers concise, engagingly-written titles by highly-qualified authors on areas of significance in Asian Studies. Topics are intended to be substantive, generate discussion and debate within the field, and attract interest beyond it.

In collaboration with the AAS teaching journal, Education About Asia, we are developing an edited Asia Shorts volume titled “Teaching About Asia in a Time of Pandemic.” This volume will consist of two sections. Section one will include teaching resource essays on how to teach Asia-related topics online. Contributions are welcome from seasoned online instructors as well as from those recently forced into an online environment because of Covid-19. Prospective authors may address their online instructional approaches that are applicable to middle, high school, or undergraduate courses. Section two will include essays on teaching about the pandemic utilizing historical, economic, political, and social perspectives from and about Asia.

Since this edited volume will be targeted toward undergraduate instructors as well as high school and middle school teachers, all submissions should be written in prose that is easily accessible for non-specialist instructors and possibly students. The number of endnotes should be minimal compared to more traditional scholarly publications. The word count range for each article, review, lesson plan, or teaching resources essay may vary from 500 words (less than one double-spaced manuscript page) to 3,000 words (about 9-10 double spaced manuscript pages), although some flexibility in word count limits might be possible given extenuating circumstances. Because of the timeliness of this volume, we are asking for a very quick production process. Our goal is to have the completed volume available in both print and digital formats by early in the fall 2020 semester.

Prospective authors are strongly encouraged to email me a 1-3 paragraph description of possible contributions, preferably before June 15, 2020. You will receive prompt replies to queries. Once your proposal has been approved, completed submissions for this special volume will be due on or before July 15, 2020. All submissions will be blind reviewed before publication.

Prospective authors are welcome to contact me at

David Kenley, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Dakota State University