Seattle Speaker Guidelines (In-Person)

Below you will find information to help prepare speakers who are presenting in Seattle, WA at the 2024 AAS Conference from March 14-17, 2024.

2024 Presentations/Session in Seattle

All sessions scheduled in Seattle will be presented in person only. Absolutely no sessions scheduled in Seattle will be recorded or live-streamed for virtual viewing. Additionally, we cannot accommodate speakers to participate virtually for in-person sessions.


All panel participants have access to the AAS speaker center. On this website, you will have access to complete the following tasks:

*Submit name corrections & edits
*Update presentation title:
November 16, 2023 deadline
*Update presentation abstract
: December 7, 2023 deadline
*Download a Letter of Invitation

Note: To log into the Speaker Center, please use the email address submitted with your proposal.
Please make sure this is the same email used to register for the Annual Conference to ensure your registration status appears within your speaker record.


Acceptable Edits/Updates

Speakers may make the following changes in the Speaker Center:

  • Personal name spelling corrections/edits
  • Affiliation updates
  • Paper title edits (if applicable)
  • Paper abstract edits (if applicable)

Session organizers also have access to edit the following:

  • Session Titles
  • Session Abstracts

Acceptable Presenter Substitutions / Additions

Changes to sessions that involve the replacement and substitution of speakers may be submitted via the form linked below. We will accept the following changes:

  • Substitution of a paper presenter that has officially withdrawn from the session
  • Adding a chair to a session that not currently have a chair assigned
  • Adding a discussant to a session that does not currently have a discussant assigned.

The Speaker Center should only be used to submit updates to existing titles and abstracts or individual profile account information.

Unacceptable Updates/Changes

The program committee’s decision to accept panel proposals are based on the understanding that the accepted session was submitted in its final form. With the understanding that the session will be presented as originally submitted in the panel proposal; we are unable to accept the following:

  •  Additional paper presenters: We will not accept an additional paper presenter or new paper co-author(s) to a panel session.  Only in the case of a withdrawal.

Participant Withdrawal

Speakers on the program who are unable to participate should submit a formal withdrawal via the form linked below. Speakers should also notify their panel organizer of their withdrawal.


All sessions participants must be registered by November 16, 2023. This will ensure speakers are listed in printed and digital materials.

The names of speakers not registered for the conference will be removed from the agenda.


Graduate students presenting at in-person sessions, who have registered by posted deadlines (November 16, 2023), and who reside more than 100 miles from the conference venue are eligible to receive the graduate student stipend. Stipends may be distributed electronically after badge pickup. Please feel free to check in at the stipend disbursement counter to confirm your attendance.

Although no formal stipend request application is required, all graduate students must still meet the criteria listed above in order to receive the travel stipend.


Each room will be equipped with an LCD projector, screen, and microphone.

We do not provide computers. Session participants should coordinate in advance if each speaker will use their own personal computer or if one computer will be used for presentations. Please make sure to bring your charging cord and dongle connection for your computer to the projector.

The A/V company will provide the appropriate connections to the LCD projector however as adapters vary for most Apple computers, we strongly recommend you bring your own dongle.

The AAS will not convert sessions to a hybrid format moving forward. In-person sessions are to be presented as such, and zooming into sessions is not available.


To help you substantiate why you are attending the conference, the AAS provides panel participants (panel chairs, paper presenters and discussants) a personalized invitation letter. Please log into the Speaker Center to download your letter found in the ‘My Presentations’ tab.

Additional questions? Email