The 2023 Japanese Rare Book Workshop on Edo Printed Books

In August 2023, the Subcommittee on Japanese Rare Books, Committee on Japanese Materials within the AAS Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL), organized a three-day workshop in collaboration with the National Museum of Asian Art and the Asian Division of the Library of Congress. Supported by the Toshiba International Foundation and AAS, “The 2023 Japanese Rare Book Workshop on Edo Printed Books” provided participants with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of printing culture during the Edo period. Professor Takahiro Sasaki of Shido Bunko, Keio University, led the group of 22 librarians/specialists, curators, and graduate students.

A complete write-up of the workshop, authored by Toshie Marra (University of California, Berkeley) and Setsuko Noguchi (Princeton University), has been published in the Journal of East Asian Libraries and can be downloaded using the button below.