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Understanding East Asia’s Economic “Miracles” (Zhiqun Zhu)

Revised and Expanded Second Edition (2016)

ISBN: 978-0-924304-79-8. 112 pages.

“Concise yet comprehensive, Zhiqun Zhu’s booklet is the perfect introduction to the political economy of East Asia for undergraduate and advanced high school classes. Zhu’s analysis of the economic ‘miracles’ of Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan takes into account both domestic factors and the international environment, and is sensitive to the similarities as well as differences between the developmental experiences of these nations. Zhu raises important related issues such as the connections between economic development and democratization, the relative economic contributions of the state and the market, and the portability of the East Asian developmental model. A glossary of abbreviations, timeline, and extensive bibliography add to the pedagogical values of this booklet.” — Robert Y. Eng, Professor of History University of Redlands. ASIANetwork Board of Directors

“In this succinct and elegant book, Zhiqun Zhu shows how East Asian economies have taken different paths to economic success despite some shared features. East Asia’s diverse but dynamic experience is valuable precisely because it demonstrates that developing nations need not follow a single approach to prosperity. An excellent book to assign for courses on Asia.” — Ming Wan, Director, Global Affairs Program. Professor of Government and Politics, George Mason University