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Gender, Sexuality, and Body Politics in Modern Asia (Michael Peletz)

Revised and Expanded Second Edition

ISBN: 978-0-924304-81-1. 142 pages. Paperback.

“Gender, Sexuality, and Body Politics in Modern Asia” addresses topics of importance for students and scholars of multiple disciplines—including anthropology, sociology, gender studies, Asian studies, religion, geography, political science, and history. This engagingly written booklet—designed for use in undergraduate humanities and social science courses—has great potential for use in the classroom. It will also appeal to specialists in the field owing to Peletz’s ability to present sophisticated yet accessible discussions of a broad range of topics.

Peletz provides an exciting overview of the multiplicity and flexibility of body notions and practices that characterize different regions of Asia. This is a valuable contribution indeed to gender and sexuality studies, and a seriously playful intervention into the strait-laced and stolid scholarship on Asia at large. — Aihwa Ong Department of Anthopology University of California, Berkeley

This is a very important book. Addressing ideologies of female inferiority, practices of gender transgression, and patterns of sexual violence, Peletz takes an unflinching look at the politics of bodies and intimacy over a very large area of the contemporary world. — Sherry B. Ortner Distinguished Professor of Anthropology University of California, Los Angeles

Peletz’s book addresses topics of the highest significance for multiple disciplines, effectively linking gender issues and gendered identities to many other matters of current and enduring import across Asia — including public health, violence, industrialization, and media. Peletz has made an extraordinary effort to do justice to multiple complexities while delivering a wonderfully succinct and lucid text. — Ann Grodzins Gold Departments of Religion and Anthropology Syracuse University