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East Asian Societies (W. Lawrence Neuman)

ISBN 978-0-924304-74-3. 140 pages. Paperback.

“So very many of us teach introductions to East Asia under different disciplines, including the Humanities, Sociology, Economics, History, and Religious Studies, but what makes this work so promising is its transferability across these lines of demarcation for the student engaged in her first serious study of the region. Neuman’s fine overview addresses the recurring cultural tasks across East Asia from family, to school and work, and socio-economic stratifications.” — Ronnie Littlejohn, Virginia Chaney Distinguished Professor of Philosophy. Director, Asian Studies, Belmont University

“I cannot imagine a better volume to introduce East Asian societies to teachers and students who might be approaching the topic for the first time. Neuman has written an ideal introductory text with a sociologist’s clarity, a humanist’s learning, a researcher’s sharp eye, and a teacher’s fine sense of proportion. This is the only intellectual guidebook you will need to take with you for your voyage to East Asia.” — Anna Sun, Associate Professor of Sociology and Asian Studies, Director, Asian Studies Program, Kenyon College