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Traditional China in Asian and World History (Tansen Sen and Victor Mair)

ISBN 978-0-924304-65-1. 130 pages. Paperback.

“Victor Mair and Tansen Sen have provided an account of China’s engagement with the Eurasian world around it that is succinct, accessible, and masterful. They demonstrate how—from their Neolithic origins through Zheng He’s fifteenth century voyages across maritime Asia—the Chinese were constantly interacting with their neighbors, through warfare, diplomacy, religious pilgrimages, trade, the accounts of travelers, and the translation of foreign books. These interactions, which are treated both topically and chronologically, are interwoven with a historical narrative and handsomely supported by illustrations, maps, translated travel accounts, and a glossary. This is a valuable addition to the literature on Chinese history in a global context.” — JOHN W. CHAFFEE, Distinguished Service Professor of History and Asian and Asian American Studies, Binghamton University, State University of New York

“The antiquity of civilization in the Fertile Crescent and China’s view of itself as the Central State have long misled many to think that China owed little to peoples and cultures elsewhere. On the contrary, connections both by land and sea were continuous through the centuries. Commodities, art and music, ideas and practices, were exchanged across long distances and China, no less than others, was enriched by the multiple interactions. This book succinctly and brilliantly demonstrates how the processes and dimensions of change were brought about and refined.” — WANG GUNGWU, University Professor and Chairman, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore