Confucius in East Asia: Confucianism’s History in China, Korea, Japan, and Viet Nam, Second Edition (Jeffrey L. Richey)

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REVISED AND EXPANDED SECOND EDITION ISBN 978-1-952636-37-0. 130 pages. Paperback. Jeffrey Richey has written an engaging and well-crafted book that clearly delineates the oftentimes fitful development of Confucianism in China, Japan, Korea, and Viet Nam. At the same time, he masterfully demonstrates how Confucianism slowly came to dominate politics, thought, and society in each of […]

The Story of Viet Nam: From Prehistory to the Present (Shelton Woods)

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ISBN 978-0-924304-71-2. 118 pages. Paperback. “For those who are looking for a very well informed introduction to Việt Nam—from its semi-mythical beginnings some 5,000 years ago all the way up to the twenty-first century—this is the book. Covering politics and war, society and economics, culture and relationships, it provides the essential structure that both teachers […]