Confucius in East Asia: Confucianism’s History in China, Korea, Japan, and Viet Nam, Second Edition (Jeffrey L. Richey)

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REVISED AND EXPANDED SECOND EDITION ISBN 978-1-952636-37-0. 130 pages. Paperback. Jeffrey Richey has written an engaging and well-crafted book that clearly delineates the oftentimes fitful development of Confucianism in China, Japan, Korea, and Viet Nam. At the same time, he masterfully demonstrates how Confucianism slowly came to dominate politics, thought, and society in each of […]

The Fifty Years That Changed Chinese Religion 1898–1948 (Paul R. Katz and Vincent Goossaert)

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ISBN: 9780924304965. 248 pages. Paperback. In recent years, both scholars and the general public have become increasingly fascinated by the role of religion in modern Chinese life. However, the bulk of attention has been devoted to changes caused by the repression of the Maoist era and subsequent religious revival. The Fifty Years That Changed Chinese […]

Shinto in the History and Culture of Japan (Ronald S. Green)

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ISBN: 9780924304910. 108 Pages. Paperback. AAS MEMBERS: use the code AASMEMBER at checkout for your 20% discount. After Japanese emperor Naruhito ascended the Chrysanthemum throne in 2019, he performed a secretive ritual funded by the state by offering newly harvested rice to the Shintō sun goddess Amaterasu, mythological progenitor of the imperial family, raising controversy […]

Zen Past and Present (Eric Cunningham)

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ISBN 978-0-924304-64-4. 98 pages. Paperback. Zen Past and Present provides readers with a concise but comprehensive survey of the history of Zen Buddhism. Because it examines Zen from historical, religious, literary, artistic, and political standpoints, it is an ideal supplemental text for a wide variety of disciplines. Zen Past and Present covers the evolution of […]