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Modern Indian History (Emily Rook-Koepsel)

AVAILABLE TO PREORDER  via the Columbia University Press website.

ISBN 9781952636332. 132 pages.

India, as a nation-state, is a relatively new concept. Modern Indian History is a chronological historical narrative starting in the 16th century and ending in the present, that considers political, economic, and social developments on the Indian subcontinent. The narrative challenges commonly-held stereotypes about India’s cultural, religious, geographic economic, and political identities. Accessible enough to be used in honors high school, and introductory college and university survey courses in world history, international studies, Asian studies, and global studies, this volume is also an excellent resource for middle and high school teacher participants in Asia-related professional development programs.

Emily Rook-Koepsel is a historian of modern India and Assistant Director of Academic Affairs at the Asian Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh.