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If you have any questions, are interested in BULK or GIFT subscriptions, or have a claim for a missing or damaged issue, please e-mail Molly DeDona at mdedona@asianstudies.org.

Spring 2023 Subscription Cutoff Date: May 19, 2023
Subscriptions purchased after this cutoff date will begin with the Fall 2023 issue. Back issues are available for purchase here.

How to login to your EAA account
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How to access digital issues of Education About Asia
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  1. Click “View” under the issue you’d like to read. Volumes 25:1 (Spring 2020) through 27:3 (Winter 2022) are currently available for all current EAA subscribers.  
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  1. Enjoy! 
  1. Please note that downloads are not available. To download specific articles published prior to 2023, go to the EAA Archives

How to purchase a NEW subscription
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Step by step instructions on how to gift multiple subscriptions

1. Go to our subscription platform here Subscribe to Education About Asia (simplecirc.com) 

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Need an invoice to pay by check or ACH? Contact Molly DeDona at mdedona@asianstudies.org with an excel spreadsheet of gift subscriber information, including name, address, and email. Upon receipt, AAS will send you an invoice with instructions on how to pay.

Instructions on how to pay for open invoices
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Published three times each year since 1996 by the Association for Asian Studies, EDUCATION ABOUT ASIA (EAA) is a unique and innovative journal—a practical teaching resource for secondary school, college, and university instructors, as well as an invaluable source of information for students, scholars, libraries, and anyone with an interest in Asia.

Education About Asia brings you:

  • Stimulating articles on all areas of Asia, with subjects ranging from ancient cultures and literatures to current affairs.
  • Essays describing classroom-tested educational programs and strategies.
  • A comprehensive guide to Asia-related print and digital resources, including movies, documentaries, books, curriculum guides, and web resources.
  • Non-thematic issues in Asia-focused topics ranging from marriage and family, youth culture, religion, economics and business, visual and performing arts, and world history.