Experiential Learning Essays

Guidelines for Asia Experiential Learning Essays

Education About Asia welcomes submission of manuscripts for publication

Manuscripts should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words (four to eight double spaced pages) and are sought for two kinds of topics:

  • We seek manuscripts where authors describe student group experiential learning projects in Asia (including Russia east of the Ural Mountains).
  • We also will consider manuscripts by authors who utilize experiential learning in their home countries (e.g. museum field trips/China Town excursions) in order to teach students about an Asian culture or cultures.

We are not seeking essays about individuals’ trips to Asia or semester length or longer study abroad programs. Authors should emphasize, with as much specificity as possible, what makes the experiential learning project unique and successful. Topics addressed in manuscripts might include the following: succinct examples of a planned experience that successfully fit some kind of theme; ideas about how to best prepare students and instructors for experiential learning; how to help students enjoy and learn while engaging in active experiential learning; how the experiential learning experience helps students sustain an interest in Asia; how to fund experiential learning projects so that students on financial aid can participate; and how to sustain these types of experiential learning programs that involve trips abroad.

Manuscript authors should avoid generalizations that cover well-worn ground (e.g. dealing with jet-lag, illnesses, foreign food, etc.) unless the advice in an essay is particularly unique. Submissions will be selected based upon the objective of reflecting as much as possible the wide variety in ages of the students of EAA readers (grade 6 through undergraduate) as well as the range of academic disciplines and Asian regions, cultures, and nations.

Hopefully, an experiential learning teaching resources essay will be published in every other issue of EAA. Interested authors should, after consulting the EAA author guidelines, send manuscripts to both Tommy Lamont and to EAA Managing Editor Jeffrey Melnik. Please send your manuscript in Microsoft Word document format.

Send submissions to both:

Tommy Lamont, Lawrence Family Chair in History and World Affairs, Groton School, P.O. Box 991, Groton, MA 01450; E-Mail: tlamont@groton.org; Phone: (978) 448-3363 ext 767.

Jeffrey Melnik, Managing Editor, Education About Asia, 305 Hunter Hall, Dept. 2222, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN 37403; E-Mail: edast@utc.edu; Phone: (423) 425-2118.