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Many people of the eleven nations that constitute Southeast Asia, a region often considered esoteric in North American educational institutions, have interacted with much of the world for thousands of years. The following entries from the EAA archives only scratch the surface; look for a substantial number of additional essays, articles, and teaching resources featuring Southeast Asia in our archives.

a city skyline at dusk
The Singapore skyline. Source: Wikimedia Commons at

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  • Tobey C. Reed’s review of My Cambodia and My Cambodian American (Volume 20, Number 3, Winter 2015) focuses upon two excellent SPICE teaching resources on Cambodia. The Yale University Cambodian Genocide Program estimates that during the Pol Pot regime from 1975–1979, approximately 1.7 million people (21 percent of the population) lost their lives. My Cambodia is a powerful 18-minute short documentary on the genocide available for no charge that every high school and undergraduate student should see and discuss.

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Additional Teaching Resource:
Barbara Watson Andaya’s “Introduction to Southeast Asia” on the Asia Society website remains the best introduction to Southeast Asia for educators and students. Consider using it after the first archived article in this column.