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Title: Korean Newspapers and News


A list of links to newspapers and journals both in English and in Korean. Also on this site are links to Korean search pages (like Yahoo! Korea) and to some Korean cultural organizations.

Title: A Blueprint for U.S. Policy in a Unified Korea


This 62-page working paper was released in August 2002 by the Center for Strategic International Studies. It anticipates the “inevitable” unification of North and South Korea and looks at the policy interests of Korea and the United States in this process.

Title: Documents on the Korean War


A gargantuan list of links to primary document sources on the web relating to the Korean War put together by Vincent Ferraro, pro­fessor at Mt. Holyoke College. Arranged in approximate chrono­logical order, the documents range from the report of the United Nations Commission on Korea, 1950, to the Korean Armistice.

Title: Society of Korean-American Scholars


For a thorough understanding of the viewpoints and opinions of the Korean-American scholarly community, this site provides it. There are links to two online newsletters, one on science and technology, the other an information exchange. There is also an online directory with links to Korean-American student groups, to Korean-Ameri­can scholarly organizations, and to individual homepages.

Title: Korean History: The Korean War

URL: This extensive bibliography of books and articles in print (not on the Web) covers all aspects of the Korean War, and is part of a larger bibliography maintained by the Center for Korean Studies at the University of Hawaii at:

Title: Library of Congress: Area Handbooks


These two links, associated with the Area Handbooks for South and North Korea, provide details of the economy, society, political system, and other salient information on each country.

Title: Korea in American Textbooks


This site presents the results of a study of the depth and extent of coverage of Korea in textbooks and other reference materials like encyclopedias and CD-ROMs. Each text is also examined for errors. The ultimate conclusion was that “texts that wrote more about Korea were more accurate, whereas those that gave little coverage tended to make errors and reveal biases.” A report card is provided for each.

Title: The Korea Society


In addition to listing current performances and events at their NYC center, there are several useful publications on the Korea Society site. An archive of the Korea Society Quarterly is avail­able, and most useful for teachers are the lesson plans, which are downloadable in PDF format and cover a variety of topics from Korean poetry to reunification.

Title: Korean Government Homepage


Produced by the South Korean government, the page offers timely news features and is a portal to many articles about contemporary South Korea. The section “Learn about Korea” has articles about the arts, economy, and other subjects. There is also a directory

with links to governmental and private sites that relate to South Korea, and a page with links to Korean/English dictionaries.

Title: University of Hawaii Manoa Library: Korea Links


A broad collection of links to web references on Korea, organized by categories such as film, laws, and statistics. There are refer­ences in Korean as well as in English; a Korean font set is neces­sary for the Korean references.

Title: Korean Literature Today


This is a project of the Korean Center of International P.E.N. On the site are archived editions of the journal Korean. Literature Today that have been translated into English. Biographies of the authors accompany presentations of some of their works.

Map of Korean Peninsula
Map of Korean Peninsula taken from: and_asia/korean_peninsula.gif

Title: Korean Studies Review


The Korean Studies Review is an electronic journal associated with the print journal Acta Koreana. From this web page one can access timely reviews of works dealing with Korea. The archived reviews date from 1998 through 2002.

Title: DPRK—North Korea


This site offers short articles about North Korea organized by topic. One can find articles, for example, about North Korea with respect to Japan or about North Korea and the U.S. Within each category, the articles are grouped by month and year, with many topics covered between 1998 to 2002.

Title: National Museum of Korea


In addition to a room-by-room “tour” of the exhibition halls, there are also cyber-tours of the National Museum. There is a sub-page to assit in locating Exhibition Facilities throughout Korea; this page is organized by category and region, and alphabetically. In the “Related Sites” section, a list of links to private, public, and university museums is given.