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Title: Political Map—Central Asia


A graphic representation of the countries of Central Asia, helpful to those who want to know which countries are included in the definition of this region and where they are located.

Title: Central Asian Studies World Wide


Sponsored by Harvard University, the site is a rich resource for any­one interested in Central Asia. From “suggested readings” to a listing of Central Asian dissertations to a directory of Central Asian “experts” to current announcements of what’s being done in the field, there’s a lot to explore on this site, with more promised in the future.

Title: Interactive Central Asia Resource Project


In addition to directories of links to sites dealing with Central Asia and the individual nations of Central Asia, there is an extensive bibli­ography of readings about Central Asia as well as a listing (with short profiles) of “Central Asia Experts.”

Title: The Times of Central Asia


This is a daily newspaper dealing with topics germane to Central Asia. The latest news is presented in a minute-by-minute format. There are also sections on politics, the economy, oil and gas, society, media, investment, and others. One can also view the news of specific Central Asian countries or by topic.

Title: Essays on Central Asia


A collection of essays written by H. B. Paksoy, a scholar who special­izes in the history and politics of the region. There are approximately 20 essays, most of them published in the 1990s.

Title: Central Asia and the Caucasus


A collection of articles about Central Asia (in Russian and English) are provided here. The core of this site is the “periodicals” section with the inclusion of the journal Central Asia and the Caucasus, dat­ing from the year 2000 to the present.

Title: Caucasus and Central Asian Program


The CCAsP is part of the University of California at Berkeley. On these pages one can find extensive bibliographies for the Central Asian region, articles by Central Asia scholars, and working papers and suggested readings from past conferences on Central Asia.

Title: Central Asian Fiction


This site offers fiction and photos. There are stories by various authors depicting the life and activities in present-day and early twentieth-cen­tury Central Asia. The photo galleries are devoted to the countries of Central Asia, including many photos of the people of these nations.

Title: CenAsiaNet


On these pages, one can find resources dedicated to the languages of Central Asia. There are free language modules (registration required) which cater to intermediate and advanced learners. Some of the mod­ules use video and interactive materials; others focus on actual news broadcasts from Central Asia.

Title: Central Asia—Caucasus Analyst

URL: http://www.cacianalystorg/

This is a biweekly journal on the Web produced by the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute of Johns Hopkins University. In addition to in-depth articles, there are also short “News Bites” included with each issue of the journal. There are archived journals going back to Febru­ary, 2000.

Title: BISNIS—Country Reports—Central Asia


BISNIS (Business Information Service for Newly Independent States) is offered by the U.S. Department of Commerce. For five of the Cen­tral Asian countries, there are market updates, contact lists, industry reports, commercial guides, and many other useful lists and data for those interested in the commercial aspects of these countries.

Title: Bashiri Working Papers on Central Asia

URL: http://www.angelfire.comirrib/bashirikentralasia.html

This site is a mélange of many elements put together by Professor Iraj Bashiri of the University of Minnesota. There are overviews of the Central Asian republics and of some cities in the republics. There are essays on Tajik music; there are pages on the costumes and head­gear of Tajikistan. There is a lengthy section about the Kyrgyz national identity and many other articles by Prof. Bashiri, accompa­nied by links to articles by others.

Title: Internet Resources for Central Asia Studies


In addition to links to other Web pages dealing with Central Asia, this site has a huge number of links to articles and other publications on the Web. From history to the environment to human rights to international relations, one can find listed here many readings on each subject pertaining to Central Asia.

Title: EurasiaNet


This site focuses on Central Asia, with daily news updates, recaps of events relating to the region, listings of future events, and book reviews. There are also resource pages for many of the Central Asian countries which include the basic statistics for each country, links to governmental and local press Web sites, and information on the arts.