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Title: Asian Educational Media Service I
AEMS provides a searchable and annotated database of audio-visual media resources about Asia. A new feature of the site is the section of Lesson Plans for Asian Films. The lesson plans are organized by Asian country and by subject and include foreign and domestic film productions.

Film poster from the Hong Kong Movie Database Web site.

Title: Early Asian Film
A collection of articles originally presented at the Second Pusan International Film Festival. One can get a historical overview of early films in Japan, India, China, Korea and Hong Kong.

Title: Asian Film Connections
This site looks at the films of China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The information is categorized by country and then by sections such as Directors, Films since 1998, and Educational Curriculum. None of the sections is ve1y extensive but rather provides a narrow view of the topic.

Title: UCLA: Educational Films on Asia
The educational films listed on this site can be purchased from a number of sources. Each of the sources’ address information is given on a separate page. The listing of the films is organized by region; each film is described briefly, and in most cases the price and the source for purchasing are included.

Title: NAATA: National Asian American Telecommunications Association
NAATA’s mission is to present the diversity and richness of the Pacific Asian American experience. They fund, produce and distribute films and videos. On the site is an up-to-date page of news, events (focusing on California), interviews with filmmakers and
faculty members.

Title: South Asian Film and Video Resources 
This site is a handy resource for teachers who want to order videos and films for classroom use. It contains links to the South Asian film collections of several U.S. universities such as the University of Hawaii, the University of Virginia and the University of Wisconsin.

Title: Asian Film Foundation
Basic guides to film in Hong Kong and Korea are offered along with recommended historical readings and reviews of Hong Kong movies. A calendar of Asian film events, focusing on southern California, is updated frequently.


A site put together by Darcy Paquet, an American who lives in Korea and who works for the Korean Film Commission. Annual Reports productions. contain reviews and box office statistics for the films released in a given year. There are also many essays on Korean film as well as special sections on Actors and Actresses, Books on Korean Film, and several other topics.


Title: Korean Film Archive

This organization was founded in 1974 to collect and preserve the films and visual materials of Korea. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the Web site is the Korean film search function that allows you to search by year (or range of years) and/or a large number of keywords, from director to gaffer to genre to cast member.

Title: Korean Film Commission
Newsletters and information about current Korean films are provided on this site. Statistics pertaining to the cost of production and film attendance are also made available as well as a link to the search engine alluded to in the previous site (Korean Film Archive). If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader and also load Korean fonts into the Web browser, you will have access to the issues of Korean Film Observatory, a nicely formatted journal which offers reports about the current situation of Korean films.


Title: Japanese Film Listing
A long list, arranged alphabetically, of Japanese movies, each with a short one or two-sentence blurb. Most of the listings have the year of production as well as the length of the movie. This list was put together by the Feudal Japan SIG of Mensa, which is based in Massachusetts.

Title: CJS: Japan on Film
URL: iinet/cjs/films/index.html
The “Films by Title” section of this site offers an alphabetical list in English (then in Japanese) of many Japanese films. For each film the production details are provided; these include the dates, the director, the cast, the film’s availability. For many of the listings, there is a lengthy plot description plus commentary; for some listings, related print articles or books are also given. In a separate section is a listing of Japanese movie adaptations of Japanese literary works; this is unannotated but provides the title in English and Japanese, the author of the work, and the director.

Title: Yahoo Japan Film Directory (in Japanese)
For those who can read Japanese, this is a huge directory of links to everything allied with films and with filmmaking in Japan. It is arranged in the usual Yahoo! fashion, according to categories nested within categories.


Title: Chinese Movies
Although the site is not updated, there are good synopses of over 100 movies beginning with movies made early in the twentieth century.

Title: Chinese Movie Database
The English version of this database contains a huge number of Chinese movies with little material except for the title and date of production. There is also a bibliography of books about film and moviemaking in China.

Title: Chinese Cinema
Reviews and articles by the site’s organizer, Shelly Kraicer, of the current film world of Hong Kong, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China. There is also a link to the “Asia Weekly” selection of the
JOO best Chinese movies of the twentieth century.


Title: Hong Kong Film Archive
Beginning in 1993, this Film Archive has begun gathering and preserving films made in Hong Kong with a current collection of over 4,300 items in its collection. On its Web site, one can find a listing of the collection and program information for exhibitions and film showings and seminars. There are also newsletters which can be read online and a large number of publications available for purchase.

Title: Hong Kong Movie Database
A very rich resource. First, there is the huge searchable database. For each film, the language, the dates, the genre, the box office receipts and other salient information are provided; the director and cast information is cross-linked so that individual histories can be explored. The database can also be looked at year-by-year or alphabetically. There is also an enormous number of reviews available on the site
and discussion forums and extensive resource listings (by country).


Title: India Film
This site focuses on the people that are associated with the film industry in India. There are short biographies of actors, actresses, and directors. In addition, those who made the music for the films are
profiled: the lyricists, the composers, the singers. There is also a section that looks at the pioneers in Tamil filmmaking.

Title: Yahoo! India Film
For those interested in news of Bollywood, in regional Indian films, in interviews and in reviews of films, this site provides it all. Information about Indian movie stars is on the site, and clubs and discussion groups can also be found there.

Title: Links to India Information: Movies
This is a page of links to many sites that cover the world of Indian movies. Because the Indian film industry is so immense, it’s difficult to select just a few sites. This list, then, should help anyone who has
an interest in Indian film and keep them busy for days.