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This column offers links to databases or to directories of study abroad programs. The goal is to help facilitate the search for a program that fits the needs of each reader.

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Title: Study Abroad Links


There are three ways to use this guide to study abroad. It contains: 1) a directory with a list of countries followed by links to types of programs within the country, 2) a directory of types of programs (e.g., Language Schools) followed by links to countries that offer that type of program, and 3) a search engine where one can enter a country name and a keyword.

Title: Yahoo Directory of Colleges and Universities

URL: and_universities/by_region/countries/

The virtue of this directory is that there are direct links to the Web pages of colleges and universities arranged by country. Many have Web pages in English. The disadvantage is that not all universities listed have special programs for international students. Yahoo also has a directory of Study Abroad programs arranged alphabetically and not differentiated by country: Programs/Study_Abroad/

Title: Transitions Abroad
The listings for international study are not extensive. However, a number of articles, many written by students, give practical tips on choosing a school, on getting fellowships, and on living and studying abroad.

Title: Peterson’s Study Abroad
The initial screen shows two search options: Study Abroad and Summer Study Abroad. Once a choice has been made, one can choose to search by region, by academic subject, or by alphabetical listing. When an option is chosen, links to the pertinent programs are given, saving the user the trouble of searching for program information on the main Web page of the school or university. A few articles about studying abroad are also available.

Title: Study Abroad


This site uses clickable maps to zero in on the region of choice. Within each country’s page is a navigational strip running down the left side of the page. Among the links on this strip are program directories (where one can choose among many programs, such as summer study), a travel guide including information on cities and airports, and information about currency conversion, US State Dept. reports, and a map of the country. In the central part of the individual country page is an option to do a subsearch of Programs by Subject.

Title: Institute of International Education


These two sites from the Institute of International Education have search capacities, each slightly different from the other. The IIE Passport site allows a search by Country, Field of Study, and Instructional Language. Thus, someone who does not know or want to learn the language of the country can choose to search for programs in English. The main IIE site has a more detailed search capability, allowing for keywords and program name in addition to a search by region and field of study.

Title: General Education Online


The interface of this site is rudimentary. It is useful, however, in that it provides links to hundreds of colleges and universities in many nations. If one has a university in mind, a link to its Web page can be found easily on this site.


Title: Association for Asian Studies: Study Programs


This page has a large number of links to Study in Asia programs. The majority are those offered by US institutions that have programs abroad, such as NYU in Nanjing or the Cornell Falcon program. The page is organized with the following categories: Asia General, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia.

Title: Study Abroad Asia WWW Virtual Library


This subpage of the Asia WWW Virtual Library has few listings of programs for each country in Asia, but it can provide an initial view of what is available and will certainly not overwhelm anyone who wants to do a simple search.

Title: Study in Asia—


This page has a very jumbled appearance with links and advertisements right, left, and center. The core of the page lists countries in Asia with links to several programs for international students in those countries.

Title: AsiaSource: Asia-wide Study Abroad Programs


This page gives a long list of links to US institutions that have study abroad programs in Asia. BEWARE, however, that the many outdated and broken links on this site diminish its usefulness.


Title: Council on East Asian Studies


Grouped by country (China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea), there are links to several study abroad and language programs. At the top of the page are links to fellowship programs, and in the left navigational bar is a link to the PIER Resource Center and its information on East Asian Studies.

Title: UVA East Asia Center


The focus here is on study in East Asia. In addition to providing links to a large number of relevant Web sites, this page also gives contact information in the US (addresses and phone numbers), and in some cases a brief note about the program. At the bottom of the page are links to some study programs in other regions of Asia.