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Web Gleanings: Marriage and Family in Asia

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Title: Islamic Family Law and Justice for Muslim Women
This Web page summarizes the presentations of a conference that dealt with marriage, divorce, child custody, and other important issues facing Muslim women. The participants are mostly from four ASEAN countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines


Title: Marriage Customs of India
This is a highly unusual article written in 1897 for Antiques Digest magazine. For those who wish to know about marriage in India in the nineteenth century, this will make interesting reading.

Title: Hinduism: Matrimonials and Weddings
This page has links to many articles about the process and the rituals of the wedding ceremony in India. Some articles are more detailed than others.

Title: Indian Society and Ways of Living
URL: provides many good pages for teachers and students, including essays and lesson plans. This background essay looks at several facets of life in India. Among the topics are: family relations, marriage, caste, and class. Although the article was written in 2004, many of the references are from the 1990s.