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Title: Ancient Japan
A view of the major events and cultural “concepts” of ancient Japan. The chronology ends with the Heian period, and the cultural topics include the music, writing, and arts of Japan;  there are sections on Buddhism as well. The audience for this page would be students who haven’t studied Japan previously.

Title: Asuka Historical Museum
The highlight of this site is the ‘Virtual Asuka Museum” found at the bottom of the main page. There is information on the Asuka period, on the stone-carved figures of Asuka, and extensive information on the temples of Asuka with accompanying photographs.

Title: Japanese History
Click on the “overview” for a listing of the time periods of Japanese history, beginning with Jomon and ending with Heisei. Click on the name of the time period and you’re taken to a page that describes the salient features and events of the period.