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Title: Asia Food


The Asia Society has provided the features of this site replete with information on the foods, the recipes, and the eating habits and customs of many Asian nations. In addition to separate pages for each Asian country and a search engine for recipes by keyword, region, or type of dish, there are articles about Asian food and some video clips.

Title: Puppetry in Asia: A select bibliography


This is not a bibliography of Internet resources but rather of print information on puppetry in Asia. The most extensive sections pertain to Indonesia and Japan; not all citations are in English.

Title: IMDb Country Browser


A huge collection of Web pages, useful for information on films made throughout the world. One clicks on the name of a country and can either search or browse the listings. The individual listings provide casting, dates, and commentary about the movie.

Title: History of Tea


This site describes the history of tea and the manufacturing processes which lead to creating the variety of types and grades of tea. There are separate pages describing the history of tea in China, Japan, and Sri Lanka with links on those pages to other sources of information about tea.