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Title: The World of Asian Books


This is a Library of Congress Interactive Guide to their Asian book collection. By going through this guide, one can see the variety and breadth not only of the Library’s collection, but of Asian literature itself.

Title: Asia Source: Literature: Authors


Annotated links to a variety of works by Asian authors can be found on this page, which is produced by the Asia Society. The authors range from the well-known, such as Salman Rushdie, to the obscure, and include authors from China, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan.

Title: Bibliography of Asian and Pacific Islander American Literature


This lengthy bibliography is especially helpful to teachers and students. It is organized by country, and within each country are grade level sections. It was created by the Wing Luke Asian Museum.

Title: SASIALIT: Literature of South Asia and the Indian Diaspora


The site of the mailing list SASIALIT has two major benefits. First is the link to the archives of the mailing list, and second is the list of South Asian literature resources online. These include e-journals, bibliographies, and authors’ pages.

Note: For additional sites on Asian Literature, I have an online compilation on the EAA page at: