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image of a woman with traditional Japanese clothes sitting on the ground and holding a fan in her hand
Image taken from the Japanese Text Initiative page:

TITLE: Bibliography of Modern Chinese Literature, Film and Culture


Extensive bibliographies of Chinese literature in translation, of reference materials including dictionaries and literary compendiums, of studies of Chinese authors arranged alphabetically, and of journals that deal with Chinese literature and culture. Published in conjunction with the journal, Modern Chinese Literature and Culture.

TITLE: Chinese Classical Poetry


Text and audio files of Chinese poetry, some of which are translated into English. Collections of the complete works of Li Bai, Li Qingzhao, and Jian Ye are presented in Chinese. There are also a few translations of Longfellow and Shelley to Chinese.

TITLE: Japanese Text Initiative


A rich, excellent site that includes the text of “Midaregami” and “Ise Monogatari” as well as a  collection of Noh plays and “Ogura Hyakumin Isshu”(One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets). The section on Noh plays provide and introduction by Rimer and two glossaries of Noh term by Tyler and by Brazell. Additionally, one can look at the “Ogura Hyakumin Isshu” has the original, the Romanized version and an English translation, and a click on the poem will show a woodblock print from a Meiji-era edition of the poems. A fabulous resource.

TITLE: Kawabata Bibliography


An annotated bibliography of translations and secondary sources in English about the works of Yasunari Kawabata.

TITLE: Korean Literature


Two essays on Korean poetry and two on the premodern narrative, and contemporary novels and short stories. The authors of these articles are not revealed, making it somewhat difficult to assess the views provided on this site.

TITLE: Bengali Poetry


Translations into English (including some by the poets) of Bengali poetry. Among the poets are: Tagore, Jibananarkla Das, Sankha Ghosh.

TITLE: Literature By South Asian Writers Writing in English


A listing of 96 authors and the titles of their works in English. While there are many typos and not many details, this is a useful site for a quick overview of the titles and authors of this region.

TITLE: Treasure of the National Library of Sri Lanka


An online exhibition of major works in the National Library of Sri Lanka. A description of the work and the images on the cover of each work are displayed.

TITLE: Asian-American Literature: History, Classroom Use, Bibliography & WWW Resources


As the title indicates, a broad range of areas are explored. The bibliography is subdivided into fiction, bibliography, traditional literature, reference works, and other topical categories.