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Site: The Indian Parliament
For a thorough introduction to the workings of the Indian Government, this is the page to look at. There is information on the Parliament’s structure, how a bill becomes an act, the committees, the officers and the budget. The two houses of Parliament — Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha — are described in detail on separate pages. The Constitution of India, the speeches of India’s President, and Parliamentary debates are featured prominently on the site.

In addition to major foreign policy statements, press conferences and speeches, the core of this site is the “Japan Information” section. In addition to links to several English language magazines, like Japan Echo, Mangajin, and Japan Pictorial, as well as links to the enormous body of information provided by JIN, the Japan Information Network, this section has features such as “Trends in Japan,” articles on the latest trends in lifestyle, the economy, the environment, etc. The collection of pages, “Opinions,” includes transcripts of addresses given by the scholars and opinion-makers of today’s Japan. The text for “Japanese Viewpoints,” a handbook in Q&A format, covers a wide range of topics from Human Rights to AIDS.