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Ways of Thinking of Eastern Peoples: India, China, Tibet, Japan

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The reappearance of Nakamura-sensei’s Ways of Thinking is like the return of a lover from whom we thought we had escaped by moving to a distant city. We are forced to confront unfinished business, to discuss whether there will be a reconciliation or a definitive separation. This “revised edition” is a photographic reprint of the 1964 English version, unchanged (except for the title page, from where the name of the translator has disappeared, although it is preserved in the small print of the cataloging data) down to the entertaining typographical error in
the table of contents (“Universality of the Tao” is still “University of the Tao,” page xix), totally unreconstructed, glaring at us across
three decades. “I’m still here,” it says. “Are you ever going to take me seriously?”

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