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Using The Shambhala Anthology of Chinese Poetry in the Classroom

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272 PAGES, ISBN: 978-1570628627, PAPERBACK

Reviewed by Fay Beauchamp

For The Shambhala Anthology of Chinese Poetry, Professor J.P. Seaton draws upon a lifetime of translating and teaching Chinese philosophical classics as well as off-beat poets who prefer as an artistic subject “a rat, with some scurry left in him” to “elegant dragons” (207). In his introduction and notes, Seaton’s high regard for teaching and for Chinese poetry is evident. The poetry is culled so that it represents the Chinese literary canon and the author’s favorites. It does not overwhelm but invites the reader to pursue enjoyment of literature.


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Owen, Mair, Pound, Waley, and Watson provide excellent alternate translations for many of the poems that Seaton includes, and their introductions and wide selection provide essential cultural contexts. These translations should be respected as among the best modern poetry in English.

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