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U.S.-South Korean Relations

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U.S.-South Korean Relations is a valuable resource for any teacher at the secondary or college level seeking to introduce their students to the complex interdependent relationship of the two countries over the last sixty years. Even though the unit, developed by Rylan Sekiguchi, Joon Seok Hong, and Rennie Moon at the Stanford Program on International and Cross-cultural Education (SPICE), is designed as a self-contained exploration of historical and current US-South Korean interactions, its various components can be readily adapted to suit any educator’s unique teaching requirements. The unit is centered on the authors’ premise that despite the importance and vitality of the US-South Korea alliance, many American students will not be familiar with the details of the nations’ shared experiences. With this view in mind, each unit lesson includes an overview activity in which students create a timeline documenting the various interactions between the two countries. The resultant visual reminder of the contacts between Koreans and Americans can be easily referenced when teaching the other related lesson components.