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Syllabus for Global History Since 1500

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History 112G
Global History since 1500

Hardman-Jacobs Learning Center 230

Ken Hammond
Breland 245

This is a course on the history of the world over the last five centuries. As
such it is of necessity devoted to the study of major patterns and processes, rather than the detailed coverage of all places at all times. We will be largely concerned with several themes, including the development of global economic and political systems, the dynamics of nationalism and international conflict, the rise and decline of Euro-American hegemony, and the nature of “modernity” in economic, social and cultural life.

Classroom time will be basically devoted to lectures, but questions and discussion are welcome and encouraged. There will be two short (2-3 pp) writing assignments on primary sources. In addition there will be a midterm exam and a final. Review materials for these will be distributed in advance.

Grading is based on the writing assignments, which together will count for 30% of the overall grade, the midterm, which counts for 35%, and the final, which will count for 35%.