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Supplements for “Teaching Students about Mindfulness and Modern Life”

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What does it mean to live a mindful life today? What kind(s) of thinking and practice does such a life
entail? How would it fit into a busy college student’s life? We will address these questions through
both theory and practice in this course. We will range from traditional Buddhist ideas to modern
science, from classic liberal arts reflection to contemporary mindfulness practices. We will consider
how practice and reflection influence one another, and how we engage in personal relationships,
society, and the natural world. Be prepared to explore (and challenge) common notions of self
through our inquiry.

After beginning most classes with a 10-minute meditation, we will discuss the day’s reading material.
We will then generally do another practice and end with a “circle of discussion.” We will also have
guest speakers in some classes.

Course syllabus and assignment rubrics included.