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Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan, and Pakistan

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Stones into Schools chronicles Greg Mortenson’s journey into the most remote regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan to promote peace by building schools. This book, unlike Three Cups of Tea, is written in first person point of view which allows readers to fully enter Mortenson’s thoughts as he grapples with his role not only as he builds schools, focusing on girls’ education, but as he attracts rock-star crowds as the spokesperson for the CentralAsia Institute (CAI). In the beginning of the book, horsemen from the Kirghiz region in Afghanistan ride miles through harsh terrain to extract a promise from Greg to build a school in the Wakhan Corridor, a once-bustling place that is now one of the poorest and remote places on earth. What he has done, and is doing—fighting terror by building schools—is not only an urgent matter for the children whose lives will be transformed as they learn to read and write, but his mission is urgent for a region torn apart by fighting and for a world that longs for peace.