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Recommended Titles for the Educator Interested in Learning about Islam

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By Zainab Mahmood

Basic Introductory Volumes

Jamal Elias, Islam, Religions of the World Series (Prentice Hall, 1999)

This volume serves as an excellent starting point for a reader with little background in Islam. Written in clear, straightforward prose, this book includes a basic introduction to the history, belief, and practices of Islam. Teachers will enjoy the eminently usable maps, glossary, pronunciation guide, photographs, list of sacred days and festivals, and lists of suggested reading.

Frederick Denny, Islam and the Muslim Community, Religious Traditions of the World Series (Waveland, 1987).

An accessible introduction to Islamic institutions, doctrine, and devotional life. Denny provides close looks at the Sunna (the record of Muhammad’s personal example and teachings) along with Qur’anic explications to illuminate ritual practice, belief systems, and shariah (Islamic law). This text also describes the differences between Sunnism and Shi’ism.