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Online Resources for “USG Asia Council: Teaching Southeast Asia Workshop” and “Teaching Southeast Asia Interactively: The ASEAN ‘Plus Three’ Simulation”

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Online Resources:

“USG Asia Council Teaching Southeast Asia Workshop” “Teaching Southeast Asia Interactively The ASEAN ‘Plus Three’ Simulation”

“USG Asia Council Teaching Southeast Asia Workshop”

From Paul Rodell’s Southeast Asian History Presentation

“Southeast Asia in World History,” World History Bulletin, Spring 2009. Available at

PDF and PowerPoint Presentations

“Southeast Asia History: Themes & Resources,”

“Early Southeast Asian States,” part I,; part III, http://tinyurl. com/ltn6whm. (part II is currently unavailable online).

“Cultural Southeast Asia,”

“India and the Southeast Asian Connection,”

“Southeast Asia Trade and Europe,” part I,; part II, http://

“Overseas Chinese,”

“Colonial Economic and Social Transformation,” part I,; part II,

“Nationalism and Social Change,” part I,; part II, http://; part III,

“WWII as a Catalyst,” part I,; part II, pn27xaj.

“Southeast Asia Online Resources,”

“Southeast Asian Literatures,”

From Jonathan Leightner’s 1997 Thailand Financial Crisis Presentation

PDF Presentations

“Lessons from Thailand’s 1997 Financial Crisis for Current Global Economy,” http://tinyurl. com/qcexc8e.

“Introduction to the Worldwide Economic Crisis,”

“Banking Policy,”

From Robert Batchelor’s The Selden Map and Southeast Asia Presentation

Batchelor, Robert. “The Selden Map and the Archipelagos of East and Southeast Asia.” Education About Asia 19, no. 2 (2014): 33–38.

Wheeler, Charles. “Silk Roads into Vietnamese History.” Education About Asia 10, no. 3 (2005): 8–12.

From Eric Kendrick’s Indigenous Cultures of Southeast Asia Presentation

PDF Presentation

“Indigenous Cultures of Southeast Asia: Language, Religion, and Culture,” http://tinyurl. com/lmmweep.

“Teaching Southeast Asia Interactively The ASEAN ‘Plus Three’ Simulation”


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