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Data Sources

Information on water pollution in China and the United States’ harmonized tariff schedule:

“China Pollution Map Database,” Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, last modified February 2, 2014,

“About the Harmonized Tariff Schedule,” US International Trade Commission, accessed February 26, 2014,

Working with Google Earth

Instructions for the creation of a narrated tour in Google Earth and other ways you may incorporate the service into your classroom:

“Creating a Narrated Tour in Google Earth,” Google Earth Outreach, accessed February 27, 2014,

“Twenty-Three Interesting Ways to Use Google Earth in the Classroom,” Slideshare, accessed February 27, 2014,

Differing Perspectives

Background on China’s industrial factories and their workers, as well as information about the environmental and social performance of Chinese companies:

Leslie Chang, “The Voices of China’s Workers,”, last modified September 2012,

Mike Daisey, “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs (Release 2.0),” MikeDaisey. com, last modified September 21, 2012,

Annie Leonard, “The Story of Change,”, last modified June 2012,

Dara O’Rourke, “Welcome to GoodGuide,” GoodGuide, accessed February 27, 2014,