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Money, Anyone? Fulbright Program Funds for Group Projects

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The U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) Fulbright Group Projects Abroad programs offer a unique and interesting opportunity for area studies faculty to extend their reach into professional schools, junior colleges, and precollegiate education programs in addition to permitting innovation within more standard area studies programs in our college and graduate education.1 The Group Projects program may not be familiar to many, so I should note that these projects span four general project types:

  • Short-Term Seminars
  • Curriculum Development Teams
  • Group Research or Study Projects
  • Advanced Overseas Intensive Language Study


1.The group projects program is one of a number of activities funded by USDOE Fulbright. The most well-known of their Fulbright programs involve support for doctoral dissertation/faculty research, seminars abroad and bilateral projects. WWW links related to these subjects and other programs can be found at: /OPE/OHEP/iegps/index.html.

2. Indeed, after presenting a panel of papers on “The Diverse Japanese”at the January 2000, Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, one member of the audience commented that willingness to treat Japanese history as a story of diversity benefited not only our understanding of Japanese history, but also helped to break down stereotypes of Japanese-Americans in very constructive ways

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