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Learning from Asian Art: Korea

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Learning from Asian Art: Korea is an exceptional teaching resource. Educators who know little about Korea can be confident in adopting the lessons with minimal preparation time. This resource is one of three complete lesson books on Asian Art developed by the Division of Education at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Teachers of all levels will be able to adapt these materials for their specific needs. Beautiful photographs and slides inspire assignments and research in art, history, and language arts classes.

The kit contains a resource book, a sizable map of Korea, a helpful comparative time line, twenty photographs, ten image cards, and sixteen slides that include images of clay roof tiles, Buddhist sculpture, ceramics, folk art, furniture, and screens from the seventh century, and the work of a contemporary Korean artist. The resource book provides accurate and clear historical information, group activities, and research ideas related to every art object. Creative projects, such as making 3-D dragons, clay tiles, scroll paintings, and treasure boxes, are included with every photograph. The book also includes “looking questions,” a helpful glossary, a bibliography, and Internet sites that provide more images of Korean art located in Asian and American museums.

Ten colorful image card reproductions allow for varied classroom instruction. Each image card contains information on the reverse side. The cards can be shown to students as the teacher reads the data on the back, or students can work independently or in groups as the essential information is available to them. An important addition to Learning About Asian Art: Korea is the inclusion of a CD-Rom version of all elements in the kit and a tenminute video on contemporary potter Yoon Kwang-cho. The video introduces the viewer to the process of creating works with clay from the initial steps of preparing the clay to the finished art object.

Learning from Asian Art: Korea is available from the Philadelphia Art Museum’s shop at for $39.95. Learning from Asian Art: China and Learning from Asian Art: Japan are also available in a similar format and are the same price.