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Korea: Traditional and Modern Culture in Pictures

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Korea identifies six “Hans” that are important Korean cultural heritages for internationalization: Hangul(Alphabet), Hansik(Food), Hanbok(Clothing), Hanok(Traditional Housing), Hanja (Chinese Characters), and Hanguk-Eumak (Music). These are the main themes of Korean culture that embody Korean spirit.

South Korea has a culture of deep spiritual beliefs. Of nearly fifty million people, twelve million are Christian; an equal number are Buddhist. Beneath this, most Koreans are influenced by Shamanism and Confucian philosophy. Korean literature (Hangul and Hanja used together) has been a powerful force of stability and rebellion and seems destined to earn a Nobel Prize soon. Art exists everywhere and each turn of a rural road might reveal a local museum or literary center. Education is a cultural core and the literacy and education levels of South Korea have aided in creating the “Miracle on the Han.”