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Interview with Peter Grilli

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In 2003, Peter Grilli, President of the Japan Society of Boston, received the Third Class Order of the Sacred Treasure from the Japanese Government in recognition of his activities in cultural exchange between Japan and the United States. Born in New York but raised in
Japan from the age of five, Grilli has been active in cultural interactions between Japan and the United States throughout his professional career. He is widely known as a writer and producer of films about Japan (Shinto: Nature Gods and Man in Japan and Dream Window: Reflections on the Japanese Garden) and as an arts manager specializing in introducing Japanese traditional and modern arts abroad. In 2004 Peter sat down in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Kathleen Woods Masalski of the Five College Center for East Asian Studies at Smith College to discuss his award, the Japan Society of Boston’s 100th Anniversary, and his thoughts on United States-Japan relations