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I for India

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I for India documents the intimate, heartbreaking, and funny moments of an Indian family’s forty-year immigrant experience in the United Kingdom, and explores the themes of identity, loyalty, cultural discrimination, racism, separation, and belonging. These themes resonate today as much as they did in 1966 when Yash Pal Suri, the eldest son of an Indian family, arrives in the United Kingdom with his wife and daughter in search of advanced medical education. Even though he has chosen to leave India, he knows the tradition and obligations of a first-born son, and he vows to stay connected with his Indian family. He defies the geographic separation by purchasing movie cameras and audio recorders for himself and his extended family in India so that they can share each other’s daily lives through film. Thus begins the very personal international correspondence that documents not only the intimacy of a divided family, but four decades of a changing world across two continents.