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Her: An Indonesian Short Story

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By Titis Basino

Translated by Florence Lamoureux

Titis Basino was born in Magelang, Indonesia on January 17, 1939. After completing secondary school, she graduated from the University of Indonesia in 1962. In 1963 she was introduced to Indonesian readers when one of her short stories was published in the Indonesian literary magazine, Sastra. Ms. Basino continued to write, although family and other personal demands on her time limited her creative output until 1997. She is currently on the faculty of the University of Indonesia and since 1998 has had three books published. In 1999 the government of Malaysia awarded Titis Basino the Mastra prize, a competitive literary award that involved submissions from throughout Southeast Asia. Although Ms. Basino writes on a variety of subjects, she is best known for her stories concerning women and deceptive relationships.