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Greater China and U.S. Foreign Policy: The Choice Between Confrontation and Mutual Respect

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Thomas A. Metzger and Ramon H. Myers, eds.
IX + 124 PAGES

This work is a compilation of ten papers given by distinguished scholars and diplomats at a December 1994 Hoover Institution-sponsored conference. In addition to undergraduate students, high school juniors and seniors will benefit from this text if they have a background in either political science or twentieth-century Chinese history and have completed a U.S. history course. As a text, Greater China cannot stand alone; rather, it is an excellent supplement to a foreign policy, political science, or U.S. history textbook. Three themes recur throughout the ten essays that students and teachers should discuss, analyze, and come to conclusions on. These main ideas are: past, present, and future U.S. positions in Asia; the realpolitik policies of China’s leaders; and the urgent need for a U.S.–China strategy.