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Grace in China: An American Woman Beyond the Great Wall, 1934-1974

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Individuals who place themselves in uncommon circumstances provide the stuff from which compelling stories are created. These stories can provide a window through which to view monumental events in World history and international relations. Just such a story, filled with humor, heartbreak, and drama, Grace in China: An American Woman Beyond the Great Wall, 1934-1974, offers a look into the history of twentieth-century Chinese history and U.S.-China relations. The authors provide an engrossing account of the life of a woman who traveled to China and spent more than forty years of her life there, not for ideology or religion, but because of her love for an individual man. That love sustained them in early years as they confronted cross-cultural prejudices and then as they struggled to survive, along with their three children, through long years of war in China. It traces her decision to remain in China after the death of her husband in 1954, until her eventual return to the United States in 1974. As a foreigner living in China throught tumultuous years of social transformation, Grace Divine Liu contributed unique perspectives on that history. This book should he appealing for secondary and undergraduate students, and will be useful to educators in the social studies and history.