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Elgin Heinz Winners Teaching Ideas

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from Patience Berkman

The Doctor’s Wife by Ariyoshi Sawako
This moving historical novel tells the story of Seishu Hanaoka (1760– 1835), a Japanese physician who specialized in breast cancer and pioneered the use of general anesthetics in surgery. The novel focuses on the courageous wife and domineering mother of this surgeon and personalizes the story. I highly recommend this novel for high school students.

from Patricia Burleson

Hiroshima Peace Site: Official Homepage of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
In “Kids Peace Station,” younger students will learn the story of Sadako, have an opportunity to contribute to discussions about peace, and contribute to a collection of presentations of peace studies from schools around the world. Older students will discover the horrors of nuclear warfare through the virtual museum and a photo essay “War Through the Eyes of Children.”

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