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East-West Center Education Programs: Promoting Asian Studies and Cultivating Collaboration between the United States and the Asia Pacific Region

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Established by the US Congress in 1960, the East-West Center was founded with the mission to contribute to

a peaceful, prosperous, and just Asia Pacific community by serving as a vigorous hub for cooperative research, education, and dialogue on critical issues of common concern to the region.

This vision has guided the Center over its fifty year history, and its Asia Pacific Education Program for Schools (AsiaPacificEd) and the Asian Studies Development Program (ASDP) have continued to fulfill its mission of peace, prosperity, and cross-cultural dialogue in elementary and secondary (K-12) schools and universities around the United States and across the Asia Pacific. Some 9,000 K-12 teachers and over 4,000 university faculty members have taken part in professional development programs to sharpen their Asia-related content knowledge and pedagogical skills and to make their own contributions to the Center’s guiding mission.